Specialty Ink Screen printing will make your custom t-shirt stand out!

Screen Printing with fun inks is one of our specialties! Reflective inks can really make your design look great, or maybe its required for your profession. Glow in the dark inks can make your custom tees glow, literally. Choose Puff ink for a fun puffed look on your custom silk screened tees. Our printing and design team go through special training to make the most out of your specialty ink. You can use them on 100% cotton tees, poly blend shirts, hoodies, caps, sweatshirts and more! Printing with clear inks and high density can add that extra flair your logo needs. If you are unsure how specialty inks could accent your design, we can help! We offer free custom artwork services, so give us your ideas and let us do the rest. Silk screening with special effects inks can be cheap, fun and well…awesome!

reflective ink

Reflective ink for T-Shirt Printing

Screenprinting with reflective ink is a popular choice for construction workers, police men, and any others that want to be seen. Once the light hits your design, the reflective ink will be in full force. Don’t just wear a shirt that has reflective tape, make your design reflective as well!

glow ink

Glow In the Dark Ink for T-Shirts

If you want your design to be seen in the night, try glow in the dark ink! White ink is applied to the shirt and the glow in the dark is applied right over top. We use a professional grade ink which requires minimal light exposure to get the full glow effect!

puff ink

Screen Printing with Puff Ink

Puff ink is a great way to add some dimension do an otherwise flat design. Use this as an accent to make a certain part of your design stand out or use it for your entire design! Puff ink has rounded edges for a nice soft look.

clear ink

Printing with Clear Ink

Super gel clear is a colorless ink that creates a wet or shiny look over any ink color. You can also apply it directly to the shirt to get a tone on tone look. It makes a really great accent. Ask our customer service team to give you suggestions on how super gel clear could enhance your custom tee.

high density

High Density adds Intensity

High density is a great way to give your screen print that “raised” look. We offer different levels, so have it be a little bit raised or a lot. When used on your t-shirt, it gives your design a 3D dimension that standard inks to not offer. Sharp edges can make this the preferred choice over puff ink.


Suede Silk Screening Ink

If you want the feeling or look of suede, we’ve got you covered! Your football team will be the talk of the town when you add suede ink to your printed football. Make your designs more lifelike. Use as an accent or as the entire design.


Cork Texturing

Using cork with your design is a great way to add texture. Use this add on with any color to get a cork like texture. If you can’t image what it would feel like, think wine corks! Great for adding dimension.