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50/50 Cotton/Polyester Blend T-Shirt

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Specality 50/50 Blended Options

Important Terms with Cotton/Poly Blended Garments

While there are tons of different types of garments mad with cotton (broadcloth, chenille, corduroy to name a few), we will still with the ones that matter to custom cotton t-shirts.

  • Blend – A blend is a fabric or t-shirt material that is made up of more than one type of material such as cotton, polyester or rayon.
  • Cotton – The world’s most popular fabric, which is known for its breathability and moisture absorbing properties
  • Polyester – A stay dri fabric that is known not to absorb moisture and retain body sweat. Polyester is a synthetic fabric.
  • Tri-Blend – A blend of three fabrics instead of two. Check out our tri-blend options.

Benefits of Cotton/Poly Blended T-Shirts

Many people prefer cotton/poly blends for custom t-shirts because it gives them the best of both worlds! Read more about the benefits of these shirts below.

  • Some Breathability of Cotton T-Shirts – One of the best features of cotton is its breathability. A blended garment can give you more breathability than a 100% polyester garment.
  • Stay-Dri Features of Polyester – Polyester is known to not absorb moisture like cotton does, so your blended t-shirt will stay more dri and comfortable in warm summer months.
  • Less Wrinkles – Cotton is known to wrinkle, Polyester is known to not. A blended product will give you less wrinkles for a better wash and wear look.
  • Affordable – Cotton/Poly blends are one of the most affordable t-shirt blends on the market today, often times comparable or slightly more than cotton.