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Ladies & Women's Fitted Sweatshirts

ladies sweatshirts

Womens Standard Pullover Hoodies

Womens Full Zip Hoodies

Womens 1/4 & 1/2 Zip Items

Customized Ladies/Women’s Sweatshirt Styles

We’ve got your style! Whether you prefer a pullover, half zip, full zip, hoodie, or collared sweatshirt, we have the right style for your custom screen-printed or embroidered sweatshirt design!

  • Pullover sweatshirts, as the name implies, pullover sweatshirts have enough give to slip on over your head without the need of a zipper or a button. Most pullovers are designed to provide extra warmth and are often worn layered over a T-shirt. If you have a large, complex custom screen-printed design you want printed on a sweatshirt, you don’t have to worry whether the zipper will impact the design.
  • Half-zip sweatshirts pull on over your head but have a zipper that extends partway down the garment front that makes it easier to pull on. Like standard pullovers, half-zips may be layered over other garments for extra warmth. Depending on the size and location of your custom screen-printed design, the design print may be impacted the zipper extending into it.
  • Full zip sweatshirts are easy to take on and off and won’t mess up your hair like pullovers can. Large full-front screen-printed designs that extend on both sides of the zipper may require slight modifications in order to look great with a zipper running through the middle.

Ladies Sweatshirts with Hoodies or Collars

  • Hoodies All of the above sweatshirt types may or may not include a hood. Any sweatshirt type with a hood is referred to as a hoody.
  • Collared sweatshirts Some sweatshirts have a collar instead of a hoodie, which typically makes it look slightly dressier than a collarless sweatshirt.