Direct to Garment Shirt Printing

Direct to garment printing is also referred to as DTG or digital printing and is a very popular method for garment printing. It is a great option for small quantities of t-shirts, hoodies and other apparel products. If you want photographic t-shirt printing, direct to garment printing could be the best choice for your design or logo! The reason it is called direct to garment printing is because the design is applied directly to the garment from the machinery as opposed to applying it to another thing like a transfer, and then applying it to the shirt. Screen printing is also a direct to garment printing method, but most know when you say dtg you mean digital prints. Digital shirt printing will retain all of the small details and colors in your image and can use as many colors as you would like in the design! Direct to garment printing uses water based ink on shirts that are at least 80% cotton, which gives a very soft feeling print you are sure to love!

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Digitally Printed Design Samples

From single color to full color designs, check out our direct to garment design samples! "HD your tee" as we like to say!

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Digital Printing on Apparel

Digital direct to garment printing is done much like a standard at home printer, except with garments! We use our professional equipment to print your high quality t-shirts.

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Design A Shirt Online

Whether you are looking for a tee shirt, hoodie, ladies v neck or something else, design your no minimum direct to garment printed shirt on our online apparel design tool.

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Should I choose Digital or Screen Printing?

Great Question! We’ve create a really easy comparison for you to see if digitally printing shirts is right for you.

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Artwork Information for DTG Printing on Shirts

A high quality piece of artwork will produce a high quality digital t-shirt print. Check out our suggestions for getting the most out of your DTG print.

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Are all direct to garment digital prints the same? Heck no! There are different machine manufactures and even different models within the same. Some print on darks, some only on lights. We use a Brother brand commercial direct to garment printing which prints on both dark and light colors. This lets us offer a wider variety than what other printers might be able to offer. The inks, pretreat and other manufacturing processes might be different as well. If you want to see a physical sample of our direct to garment printing, we do offer them so be sure to check them out! No matter which method of printing that we offer, you can be sure that you will bet the best quality custom t-shirts that you’ve ever had! We often get asked how direct to garment printing is done, and we like to describe it by saying just like your printer at home! It takes CMYK ink cartridges except for its for garments and commercial printing. Direct to garment printing can be a really great choice for custom t-shirt printing needs. If you are unsure if direct to garment printing is right for you, let our team help.