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good performance tshirts
better performance tshirts
best performance tshirts

Most Popular 100% Polyester Performance Basic T-Shirts

Sport-tek ST350 Sport-tek ST350

Sport-Tek ST350

3.8oz Poly Competitor

Gildan 46000

Gildan 46000

4.7oz Core Performance

Gildan 47000

Gildan 47000

4.7oz Tech Performance

Sport-Tek ST340

Sport-Tek ST340

3.8oz Racer Mesh Tee

Port and company 380

Port&Company PC380

3.8oz 100% Basic Poly

C2 Sports C5100

C2 Sports 5100

3.5oz Performance Tee

Ogio OE320

Ogio OE320

4oz Endurance Pulse Poly

Under Armour 1268471

Under Armour 1305775

Men's Poly 2.0 Locker Tee

All sport M1009

All Sport M1009

4.1oz Poly Sport Shirt

Augusta 790

Augusta 790

3.7oz Performance Tee

Hanes 4820

Hanes 4820

4.oz Cool Dri® Poly

Badger sports 4120

Badger Sports 4120

3.5oz B-Core T-Shirt

C2 sport C5100

Russell Athletic 629X2

4.1oz Core Dri-Power

Champion CW22

Champion CW22

4.1oz Double Dry Poly

Sport-tek TST350

Sport-Tek TST350

3.8oz Tall Size Tee

100% Polyester T-Shirts with Cotton Feel

Sport-tek ST450

Sport-Tek ST450

4.7oz Cotton Touch Tee

Gildan 42000

Gildan 42000

5oz Poly w/Cotton Feel

Jerzees 21MR

Jerzees 21MR

5.3oz Dri-Power Poly

Gildan 42700

Gildan 42700

5oz Sleeveless T-Shirt

Gildan 42400

Gildan 42400

5.0oz Poly W/Cotton Feel

100% Polyester Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirts

Sport-tek ST350LS

Sport-Tek ST350LS

3.8oz Poly Competitor

Ultra Club 8422

Ultra Club 8422

4.oz Cool & Dry LS

Sport-tek ST340LS

Sport-Tek ST340LS

3.8oz Posicharge Racermesh

Badger sports 4104

Badger Sports 4104

3.5oz B-Core LS

Badger sports 4004

Badger Sports 4004

4oz UVA/UFP Protection

100% Polyester Specality Products

Sport-tek ST370

Sport-Tek ST370

4oz Poly Camohex Tee

Sport-tek T478

Sport-Tek T478

4oz DryZone Colorblock

Sport-tek ST390

Sport-Tek ST390

4.1oz Electric Heather

Badger sports 4140

Badger Sports 4140

Digital Camo Hook Shirt

Badger sports 4144

Badger Sports 4144

B-Core Hook SS Tee

Badger sports 4141

Badger Sports 4141

Camo Sports T-Shirt

Sport-tek ST205

Sport-Tek ST205

4.4oz Posicharge 3/4 Sleeve

Benefit of 100% Polyester T-Shirts

Once upon a time, polyster was considered to be a horrid fabric that would keep you warm in the summer and you would sweat your butt off. Today, that is no longer true! 100% polyster (also know as dri-fit t-shirts) shirts are now on of the most popular t-shirt fabrics on the market today. Check out some of the benefits of polyester athletic t-shirts.

  • Polyester Stays Dry – Cottons absorbs moisture, polyester does not. If you need a stay dri fit garment for boating, athletics or any other wet environment, polyester is going to be a great option.
  • Shrinks Less – Polyester is way less likely to shrink as compared to its cotton competitior. If you are sick and tired of cotton shrinkage, polyester is your friend.
  • No Wrinkles – Have trouble with ironing? Polyester is a great solution to help you look better and stay wrinkle free.

Cotton Feeling Polyester?!

While some people love the 100% polyester shirts due to the performance athletic properties, not everyone loves that slickly feel. Cotton has been long considered one of the most comfortable fabrics and people want to have their cake and eat it too when it comes to custom poly shirts. Large name manufatures have started to recognize this need so have started making 100% polyester shirts that have more of a cotton feel. If you love the feeling of cotton but want custom performance shirts, try those out.

Some Things to Consider with Polyster

Although polyester has a lot of great properties, you do have to consider some of what could be considered downsides of polyester. Polyester shirts have a reputation of showing off “man boobs”. Polyster athletic t-shirts also have the ability to snag and pill much more easily than cotton products. If you like the dri-fit properties of polyester but are concerned about the downsides, consider a blended product or even a tri-blend. Those have both been popular options for athletic wear.