Fulfillment Services: How does it work?

Whether you need t-shirt fulfillment or just fulfillment in general, we will be your partner in delivering goods to your customers timely and accurately. Our fulfillment services include anything that isn't hazardous or needs to be refrigerated. You can supply your own items, or you can purchase custom screen-printed or embroidered apparel directly through us for your inventory needs. Save time and money by using us as your exclusive t-shirt printer and fulfillment service provider.


We Warehouse Your Products

Your items are stored in our 80K square foot production and fulfillment center in a centralized US location - Des Moines, IA


Your Customer Places an Order

When an order is placed on your website, our team recieves a copy of the order via our integrated fulfillment platform.


Our Team Picks & Packs the Order

Our fulfillment warehouse staff pulls your product and prepares and packs the order for shipping, typically the same day its placed.


Your Customers Order is Delivered

We ship your items, typically via USPS or UPS to your customer, anywhere in the world. US delivery occurs within 1-4 business days.

How much does it cost to have an order fulfilled?


$1.60 per order


$0.40 per item in the order


Packaging Materials (starting at 30 cents)


USPS or UPS Shipping Charges

Other Details You Need to Know

  • Monthly storange fees apply of $0.32 per cubic foot of 'pick' shelving and $12.00 per pallet. A minimum storage of $20.48 fees will apply.
  • Shipping charges are billed at actual rates + 5%. Shipping fees are based on weight/size of package as well as final shipping destination.
  • Packaging costs depend on the order and items shipped. A Tyvek envelop can run as low as 30 cents where as poster tubes and custom boxes can run $5+. The average shipment has packaging costs of $0.79.
  • Returns, Receiving and extra projects will have additonal fees. Typically billed at $35 per hour, we are happy to estimate any special projects you might have.
  • At the end of the monthly fulfillment cycle if the fulfillment fees (not including shipping or any other fees) are not equal to or greater than the monthly fulfillment minimum of $100.00, the client will be charged the amount needed to get your minimum fulfillment balance equal to the minimum.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fulfillment Services

We offer shipping via all major carriers including UPS, USPS, Fed Ex and DHL. We offer both domestic and international shipping with both standard ground and expedited services.

While we do offer fulfillment services, our services only are for pre-printed/ready to go products. We do not currently offer print-on-demand services where a customer orders from your site, it comes to us, we print it and ship it for you. You can still order single piece items directly on our website and enter in any shipping address as a work around.

We integrate with almost all major carts including Shopify, Paypal, Wix, Squarespace, Woo and many more. Our team is happy to confirm that we offer integration services with your shipping cart.

Our team ships same day if ordered before 1PM CST or next day if after. This is of course assuming the item is in stock.

No, we do only offer the fulfillment services at this time.

The shipping cost depends on the package weight as well as the final destination. A single shirt, on average, will be around $2.94 via USPS First Class Mail where as a 5lb package will be around $11.75.

This can vary greatly. A tyvek style envelope can be as low as 30 cents where as a poster tube can be around $3-$4. The average packaging cost per shipment is around 79 cents.

Please fill out the form on this page. Our team will be in touch and will help you through the process - its fast and easy!

While we covered most of them here, we do have a longer fulfillment document that outlines more details and added costs. Please reach out to our team and we are happy to provide that.

Using a smaller fulfillment provider provides greater flexability. We are small enough to accomdate whatever you might need, but large enough that we have full time staff dedicated to nothing but order fulfillment. Need something packaged special? Need a note written? Have a special project? We are happy to help!


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