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100% Cotton T-Shirts

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Specialty 100% Cotton T-Shirts

Important Terms with 100% Cotton Garments

While there are tons of different types of garments made with cotton (broadcloth, chenille, corduroy to name a few), we will still with the ones that matter to custom cotton t-shirts.

  • Ringspun Cotton – T-shirts made with ringspun cotton threads are typically softer than standard cotton. The yarn is spun an additional time that is intended to create a softer, stronger fiber.
  • Combed Cotton – A yarn that has gown through the process of removing sort fibers to create extra fineness and uniformity.
  • Egyptian Cotton – Direct from Egypt’s Nile River Valley, this is considered to be one of the finest cottons in the world. Most commonly used in linens and towels.
  • Jersey Knit Cotton – This is a special weaving process that creates a more flat, smooth faced texture. Typically will be thinner than standard cotton products.
  • Pima Cotton – Typically stronger than standard cotton, this cotton is specially named when it’s from a longer growing season in select areas in the world.
  • Chino Cotton – A mid-weight twill fabric typically used for work clothing or uniforms.

Benefits of 100% Cotton T-Shirts

Are 100% cotton tees your favorite? You would not be alone. Surely you’ve heard of the jingle “Cotton – the fabric of our lives”! According to, cotton t-shirts have some amazing benefits.

  • Breathability – Cotton is more breathable and thus theoretically cooler than its synthetic competitors such as polyester and rayon.
  • Cotton T-Shirts Small Less – The smelly substances in our world around us including food smells and sweat are more easily released by cotton. Thus, you will smell less when wearing cotton t-shirts.
  • It’s Lower Maintenance – This is a debatable point depending on what you define as an easy to wash product. We love it because its machine washable! It downside is it does shrink.
  • It’s one of the strongest, most durable fabrics – with its no pill properties among other things, cotton is considered to be one of the most durable fabrics in the world.
  • Static-Cling Resistant – when was the last time you had static cling issues with your 100% cotton t-shirt? Never! Cotton does not conduct static electricity like polyester.
  • Cotton is Organic – while not all cotton is organic in the sense of its grown organically, cotton is in no way man made and is considered a renewable resource. You can feel good about your purchase!