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Options for Creating Private Labels

Let us help you re-label any custom printed apparel product to create brand recognition, a more comfortable tag, or any other reason you can think of! Check out the options below to find the tag that will best suit your needs.

1. Tagless Labels - Create a custom tagless label by letting us screen-print your custom label or tag! This is an economical option at low quantities and high quantities alike that will surely please your customers. No annoying itchy tag needed!

How custom labeling works:

All you need to do is choose from one of the below tear-away label t-shirts and let our talented art team design your custom label. It's as easy as that!

  • Anvil 450 shirts

    New 450 Anvil Sustainable Adult Transitional
    Cotton Tee

  • Anvil 490 shirts

    490 Anvil Eco-Friendly AnvilOrganic Men's
    Short-Sleeve TearAway™ Fashion Fit Tee

  • Anvil 490B youth shirts

    New 490B AnvilOrganic Youth Short-Sleeve TearAway™ Tee

  • Anvil 490W ladies' tees

    490 Anvil Eco-Friendly AnvilOrganic Ladies' Short-Sleeve TearAway™ Fashion Fit Tee

  • Anvil 705B youth shirts

    705B Anvil Youth 5.4-oz. Heavyweight Cotton Tee

  • Anvil 749 long-sleeve shirts

    749 Anvil Adult 5.4-oz. Long-Sleeve Heavyweight Cotton Tee

  • Alternative AA1070

    AA1070 Alternative Men's 3.7 oz. Tear-Away Label T-Shirt

  • Anvil 880 ladies' shirts

    New 880 Anvil Ladies' 4.5-oz. Cotton Fashion
    Fit Tee

  • Anvil 949 long-sleeve tees

    New 949 Anvil Adult 4.5-oz. Cotton Long- Sleeve Fashion Fit Tee

  • Anvil 990B youth shirts

    New 990B Anvil Youth 4.5-oz. Cotton Fashion
    Fit Tee

  • AA1072 ladies tee

    AA1072 Alternative Ladies' 3.7 oz. Tear-Away Label T-Shirt

  • Next Level 3600 tees

    New 3600 Next Level Men's Fitted Short-Sleeve Crewneck Tee

  • Next Level Princess shirts

    New 3710 Next Level Girl's Princess Tee

  • Next Level 3900 tshirts

    New 3900 Next Level Ladies' Boyfriend Tee

  • 6610 Next Level ladies CVC tee

    New 6610 Next Level Ladies' CVC Tee

  • Next Level N6210

    New N6210 Next Level Men's CVC Crewneck Tee

Turn Around Time:

Online artwork proof will be ready within 24 hours of your custom shirt order placement. The tags will be ready for relabeling when your garments are ready for printing.

Traditional Label Info:

personalized labelspersonalized labels

Traditional labels are available that are sewn into the garment. The bottom label usually includes all of the sizing, RN number, size and manufacturer information that is required for resale and the top includes branding. The top label is removed and replaced with your custom branded label. Your customers will think you created the labels on your screen printed t-shirts. Speak with your sales rep for more information on custom printed labels.

You will have a digital proof within 24 hours once initial artwork is approved. Your final product will be ready to be re-sewn into your custom printed shirts within 14 business days.

2. Printed Labels - Custom printed labels have a white satin base. If you want a color other than white, they will do a full bleed of any PMS color (coated) as the base, which would count as 1 color. For example, if the customer wanted purple tag with yellow print, that would be a 2 color (purple for the tag color, yellow for ink).

Printed Clothing Labels are perfect for custom label designs with gradients up to 4 colors. The printing is very durable. The most common base material is white satin, although there are several colors available. These labels are very soft to the touch and are recommended for a professional-looking label.

  • Salvador Kitty printed label sample
  • Sample of shirt label
  • Tee Monk shirt label sample
  • Soul Flower tshirt label
  • Sample of  printed label

Pricing Details: up to 1" x 3"

Piece Price 1000
1 color $0.56
2 color $0.61
3 color $0.65
4 color $0.69

Turn Around Time:

Initial Artwork proof will be ready within 24 hours. Once that is approved, you will have a digital proof 24 hours once initial artwork is approved and your final product will be ready to be re-sewn into your garment within 14 business days.

3. Damask Woven Labels - The threads used in Damask labels are thin, high quality 80 denier threads that allow for a tight weave. They are recommended for small detail and very intricate designs. They are our standard quality labels custom labels. These labels are very soft to the touch and are recommended for those who want their custom screen printed t-shirts and other custom apparel products to give a very professional impression.

Please visit our website to view our prices for labeling.

Piece Price 100 300 500 1000 2000 5000 10000
Up to 2" x 1" $3.04 $1.41 $0.83 $0.57 $0.32 $0.19 $0.11
Up to 2" x 2" $3.48 $1.57 $0.91 $0.61 $0.38 $0.25 $0.21
Up to 3" x 2" $4.01 $1.76 $1.00 $0.73 N/A N/A N/A
Customized woven tags

Please contact your sales rep at (800)810-4692 for more information about our custom label options.

We look forward to working with you to create your custom label line!