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Customized Sport Tank Top for Workouts


Need a customized tank top? We can help! Need it fast and cheap? We’ve got you covered!

  • Athletic tank tops made from moisture-wicking performance fabrics make it easier to stay cool and dry no matter how difficult your workout.

What does moisture wicking fabric do that 100 percent cotton fabric doesn't do?

  • Fabrics with moisture wicking technology are typically made from fibers designed to pull moisture away the skin and transport it to the top layer of the fabric to keep you feeling dryer and more comfortable.
  • The faster a garment can wick moisture away from your body, the drier and more comfortable you'll feel. Cotton, on the other hard, tends to absorb moisture, so it becomes heavier and feels wetter the more you sweat. It can take cotton several hours to dry, so if you are working out hard, you can feel damp and uncomfortable long after your workout is finished.

When is 100 percent cotton the best choice?

  • Priced-right sturdy cotton tank tops are also great for fundraisers and giveaways.
  • They are also great for watching sporting events or casual walks-anything that won't cause you to sweat heavily.
  • The selection of performance tank tops shown on this page are both high quality and priced right. If you prefer a different style or brand, our product consultants are happy to track down exactly what you need.
  • We offer name-brand athletic tank tops from quality manufacturers, including Hanes, Sport-Tek, Fruit of the Loom, Badger, Anvil, Jerzees, and many more.
  • Quantity discounts are available and artwork and shipping are free! Call one of our garment experts for a free quote or get an instant quote online by simply moving your cursor over your chosen garment and clicking on "get quote".