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Custom Full Zip Hoodies - Things to Consider

Not all zip up hoodie are the same! They come in different brands, weights and even different fabric contents. Check out these few points to help you in selecting the right full zip up hoodie for your group or project.

  • The Higher the Tread Weight, The Heaver the Hoodie – Are you wanting this for cold weather or for a more mild climate? The tread weight of full zip up hoodies typically starts at about 6.0 oz with the average weight being around 8.5 oz. This is the weight of the actual thread that is used to sew the zip ups and not necessarily the actual hoodie weight itself. If you are looking for something heavy and for colder weather, consider ordering a 9oz thread weight or above. Typically, the lighter the full zip up the cheaper the hoodie will be, but that is not always true.
  • What Fabric Content do you need? – The fabric content of your custom full zip up really comes into play if you are looking to do our full zips with no minimum quantity requirement. While screen printing has a minimum 6 pieces, digital printing has no minimum. When utilizing our digital printing services, you’ll need to pick a full zip up hoodie that is over 80% cotton. The Hanes F280 is a great place to start for digital printing. Don’t forget that if you are looking for a dri-fit performance full zip hoodie, stick to 100% polyester.
  • Go with Your Favorite Brand – Brand is something that does matter, especially if you know what you like. While Gildan & Hanes hoodie jackets are probably are most popular brands for full zip up hoodies, there are certainly some other brands that offer some great benefits. If you want soft, check out the Independent Trading Co. brand. If you want something that is really trendy, check out Bella + Canvas brand. Sometimes you can get something that better suits your needs for not a lot of money, so be sure to check with our team if you need help selecting the right zip up for your needs.

Cheap Wholesale Pricing on All Customized Zip Up Hoodies

If you are looking to make full zip hoodies for cheap, you’ve come to the right place. Broken Arrow always offers wholesale pricing on zip ups, even when you are purchasing a retail brand such as Champion or J-America. We only offer products that can be purchased on a wholesale level, so whether you are looking to purchase in bulk or in low minimum quantities, you can know you are getting on of the most affordable deals around. We also offer a quick turn-around time of just 4 business days after you approve your artwork on custom full zip orders, so you’ll get your garments in a quick jiffy.