Custom 3D Puff Embroidery

Here are some quick details for you about Puff Stitching:

  • A piece of foam is applied to your design to give it a raised, 3D look.
  • Available on All Hat Styles, structured hats are preferred if possible for added support.
  • 6 Piece Minimum Order on all Embroidery, including 3D embroidery. You can mix and match hat colors.
  • Choose design colors from our Thread Color Chart
  • Free Digitizing & Free Shipping on ALL orders.
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    Custom Size

    Maximum design size of 4.5" wide x 2.25" tall. Size can vary based on hat style.

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    Combo Embroidery

    Detailed designs might require a combo of flat and puff stitching.

puff embroidery example 1
puff embroidery example 2
puff embroidery example 3

How is 3D Puff Embroidery done? Let's find out!🔍

puff step 1


A piece of foam is added to the front of the hat prior to sewing.

puff step 2


Your design is sewn over top allowing the puff to be secured by stitching in the places that you want it.

puff step 3


Your hat then goes through a special process which allows the puff to become even more raised.

3D Embroidery Design & Size Limitations

Not all designs work well to turn from flat embroidery into puff embroidery.
Rest assured...our artists will automatically revise your design. Below are some things we might adjust:

Letter Shapes May be Altered

Block letter shapes are generally preferred as they tend to not have serifs or small script detail. We will revise your design to have 1/8 inch minimum width and 1/4 inch maximum width to ensure the puff embroidery retails a clean, high quality look.

Larger Areas May be Broken Down

If we need more than 1/4 of an inch for width, are team might step that into two stitches instead of one. We do not want the puff stitching width to be too wide or the puff will pop through, threads will break and the result will be of poor quality.

Small Detail May Need Removed

Small text, fine lines and detail may need to be entirely removed from your logo or design. Our artwork team will make adjustments including removing elements that will not sew cleanly or readable. Your proof will show the changes so you can see prior to sewing.

how to design puff embroidery online

Customize a 3D Puff Hat Online

Learn about the process of creating puff hats orders.

  • The first thing you want to do is select the hat. Choose from tons of styles including dad caps, flat bill caps, baseball caps and more.
  • Pick your hat and then select "Design Now" to enter into our easy to use online design tool.
  • You'll start designing your hat by uploading your artwork, picking thread colors and finalizing your design.
  • Once you are done, you will select "add to cart" where you will choose your quantity, get pricing and change the drop down from embroider to 3D Puff Embroidery.
  • When your order is submitted, our professional team will review your order, submit it to our 3D puff embroidery specalists and we will send back a free proof.

Most Popular, Top Sellings Hats used with 3D Puff Embroidery

Richardson 112

Richardson 112

Mid-Profile Snapback Trucker

$$ | Snapback | 91 Colors

Staff Favorite

Legacy EZA Relaxed Twill Dad Hat

Legacy EZA

Relaxed Twill Dad Cap

$ | Tri-Glide | 24 Colors

Flexfit 180

Flexfit 180

Mid-Profile Delta® Seamless

$$$ | Flexfit® | 13 Colors

Yupoong 6006

Yupoong 6006

Classics™ Flat Bill Trucker

$ | Snapback | 28 Colors

Richardson 168 Seven-Panel Trucker

Richardson 168

Seven-Panel Trucker Cap

$$ | Snapback | 12 Colors

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Puff Embroidery Stitching

Yes! While it is way more popular to do puff on hats, we are able to do it on other items. The longevity of puff can be compromised the more the item is washed, so we do suggest puff ink instead if possible.

Foam is applied to your item between the hat and embroidery giving it a nice raised look. Check out our pictures, its hard to describe, but easy to see.

We like to keep it simple - standard embroidery is flat where as puff embroidery has a raised look. It looks just like it sounds - more 3D! Check out our process videos to see us creating puff embroidered designs.

It might! Without looking at your specific logo or design, its really hard to say. We are happy to review it at any time and advise if it would work, or what would need changed to make it work. We usually have an idea or two to do something about your design puffed up.

Simply put, puff embroidery is embroidery that has a layer of foam placed between the hat and the embroidery. When the embroidery is applied, the foam raises up the embroidery giving it a 3D effect. While the technical way to achieve puff embroidery is much more complicated, our hightly trained embroidery team members will take care of that part for you.

Yes! There are additional materials and steps involved in the process of applying puff stitching, so additional fees do apply. On average, you'll spend about $3.00 more per hat.

Yes! Puff embroidery is not limited to just the front of the hat. We have sew it on the left front panels, the side, the back and even all locations on the same hat.

While they both produce a similar effect, they are very different. Embroidery uses threads where as printing uses inks. We recommend embroidery for hats, puff screen printing for everything else.