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Ladies and Women’s V-Neck T-Shirts

women's v-necks

Ladies V-Neck Style T-Shirts are Flattering!

Did you know that most women prefer V-neck style T-shirts over crew neck style T-shirts? Here’s why:

  • Women’s V-neck tees have a neckline cut in a V-shape, which draws more attention to face and makes your upper body appear longer and leaner.
  • Women’s crew neck T-shirts have a neckline cut in a circular shape which draws more attention toward your shoulders and creates the appearance of a boxier body shape.

Ladies and Women’s T-shirt Sizing Help

Like blue jeans, women's V-neck T-shirts are cut in different ways: loose (also called boyfriend), semi-fitted, and fitted. To see how tight your chosen T-shirt will fit, check out the shirt’s individual sizing guide. Simply scroll over your chosen T-shirt’s corresponding photo and click on “get quote.” When the next screen comes up, look below the T-shirt photo on the left hand side and click on “size chart.”