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Beanies and Knit Caps for Custom Embroidery


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Custom Uncuffed or Traditional Beanies

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Custom Embroiderdable Cuffed Beanies / Custom Stocking Hat- The Most Popular Style of Beanie!

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Customizable Pom Beanies

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What are Custom Embroidered Beanies & Custom Knit Caps

  • A beanie is a hat or cap that hugs your head and is either knitted or sewn together using fleece or another soft, comfy material.
  • Unlike baseball caps, most beanies do not have a brim, although in recent years, some beanies have come out offering a brim.
  • Beanies come in many different colors and styles just like other caps and are designed to keep your head and body warmer.
  • An embroidered design is stitched with thread instead of printed ink which is provides a better result for a knit/dense/non smooth material.
  • Customized winter hats are a great gift for your employees or customers. Personalize them with your logo or design.

Types of Customizable Beanies

  • Uncuffed Beanies - These are the most traditional style of beanies typically worn by people who want the least bulky option and are looking for warmth only.
  • Cuffed Beanies - These style of beanies offer a 2.5'' - 3'' folded up cuff for added style. The most trendy style today, cuffs are more fashion forward.
  • Pom Pom Beanies - Almost always having a cuff, these beanies have what is known as a "pom-pom" or a puffy thing at the type of them for added style.
  • Slouchy Beanies - A super baggy style of beanie, these are typically associated with super trendy/hippy/boho styles of attire. Think Justin Bieber!
  • Fleece Lined Beanies - Fleece is sometimes added to the inside of a knit beanie for added warmth and confortable. Choose this for the warmest option.

Fun facts about Embroidered Beanies

  • Other names for beanies include knit caps, knit hats, stocking caps, sock hats, tassel caps, ski hats, burglar beanies, snookie caps, skull caps, dinks, and dinkies (no we didn’t make that up).
  • Beanie became one of the most popular terms for knitted stocking caps in the 1950’s when a cartoon called “Beanie and Cecil” became popular. The boy in the cartoon wore a beanie with a propeller on top, and Cecil, his best friend, was a seasick sea serpent who often saved Beanie Boy from the perils of life.