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Custom Embroidered Cuffed Beanies

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Custom Embroidered Cuffed Beanies

Cuffed beanies will never go out of style. Custom cuffed beanies make an excellent choice for all activities, whether you are working or playing outdoors.

  • A custom embroidered cuffed beanie is an excellent and thoughtful purchase for your team, business, or family, especially if they work or play out in the cold for an extended period of time, as the cuff doubles the warmth around the ears.
  • Custom cuffed beanies also look stylish and stay on your head when you are doing strenuous activities, such as skiing or snowboarding.
  • Adding an embroidered design on the cuff also makes the design more prominent and will give your business or event logo a little extra advertising for a super cheap price.
  • To look great in a custom embroidered cuffed beanie, cuff the beanie once with the cuff facing out. Some of the custom beanies shown actually have a sewn-in-place cuff, others can be custom cuffed to the thickness that works best for you. Most cuffs extend an inch-and-a-half to two inches.
  • One of the great things about a cuffed beanie is that it looks great even if you are having a bad hair day.
  • Whether you are purchasing a custom embroidered cuffed beanie to beat the cold or to make a style statement, your custom cuffed beanie will get the job done.
  • So how do you wear a beanie with a cuff? Put the custom embroidered beanie over your head. It should sit on your forehead a little above your eyebrows creating a downward angle to your back. Make sure the beanie cover your ears so it helps keep them warm. This fuss-free beanie style looks great on everyone and helps keep you warm when the temperature outside drops.