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Womens Standard Crew Neck T-Shirts

Port&Co LPC450

4.5oz Fan Favorite

Gildan 2000L

6.1oz Ultra Cotton

Port&Co LPC61

6.1oz Womens Essential

District Made DM104L

4.3oz Perfect Weight

Hanes SL04

Hanes SL04

4.5oz Ladies Nano TS

Gildan 5000L

5.3oz Heavy Cotton

Fruit of the Loom L3930

5oz HD Cotton TS

Hanes 5680

5.2oz Tagless T-Shirt

Port&CO LPC54

Port&Co LPC54

5.4oz Womens Core Tee

Just My Size JMS20

4.5oz Plus Size T-Shirt

Women's Fasion Forward T-Shirts, Triblends and Poly/Cotton Blends

Port&Company LPC55

5.5oz Core 50/50 Blend

District Made DM130L

4.5oz Triblend Ladies

District Made DM106L

4.3oz Perfect Scoop

District Made DM108L

District Made DM108L

4.3ox 50/50 Perfect

Bella+Canvas 8816

Bella+Canvas 8816

4.7oz Womens Slouchy Tee

District Made DM107L

4.3oz 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

New Era LNEA100

4.4oz 60/40 Heritage

New Era LNEA104

4.4oz 3/4 Sleeve

District Made DM412

3.9oz Drapey Dolman

District Made DM136L

4.5oz Triblend Baseball

Nike NKBQ5234

Cotton/Poly Dri-FIT Crew

New Era LNEA130

4.3oz Tri-Blend Scoop

Bella+Canvas 8881

3.7oz Slouchy Tee

Bella+Canvas 8821

3.7oz Draped Dolman

District Made DT132L

District Made DT132L

Ladies Triblend Tunic

Womens Custom Performance & Athletic T-Shirts

Gildan 46000L

4.7oz Filament Polyester

Sport-Tek LST350

3.8oz Competitor Tee

Gildan 42000L

5.0oz Poly w/Cotton Feel

Sport-Tek LST360

3.8oz Heather Contender

Sport-Tek LST320

4.7oz Poly Tough Tee

Check our T-shirt size charts before you order.

  • To find the size chart for a specific ladies T-shirt, scroll over your chosen item and click on “get quote”.
  • When the chosen ladies' T-shirt pops up in your browser, look below the enlarged T-shirt photo and click on the word’s size chart . The numbers shown are in inches.
  • The best fitting T-shirts are not too baggy or too tight. Baggy t-shirts may make you look boxy and bigger than you actually are. Super tight T-shirts may accentuate parts of your physique that are not your favorites. An ideal T-shirt fit accentuates your natural shape without showing every lump and bump.

How long should your T-shirt be?

  • Ideally, the bottom hem of your Broken Arrow custom Ladies' T-shirt should not set any higher than your hips.
  • A good rule of thumb is to make sure the T-shirt extends at least to the top of the pocket on your favorite jeans.

Where should your T-Shirt’s shoulder seams fall?

  • The seams where the body of the T-shirt attaches to the sleeve are called shoulder seams. Ideally, these vertical seams should align with the end of your shoulder.
  • If the T-shirt’s shoulder seams are lower or your arms, the shirt is likely too big. If the T-shirt’s shoulder seams are closer to your neck, the shirt is likely too small.

How long should our T-shirt’s sleeves be?

  • Short-sleeve T-shirt sleeves should end half way between your shoulder and elbow give or take an inch or two.
  • Long sleeve T-shirt sleeves should extend to the bottom of your wrist.