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Custom Pom Pom Beanies

Beanies with cute little round tuffs of fur or yarn on top are referred to as pom pom beanies, pompon beanies, and pom beanies. "Pom pom" is derived from the French word Pompon.

  • You probably wore pom beanies when you were a kid, but now the choice makes any outfit look fashion forward. Custom pom beanies add another level of fashion: only you and the people you give the hat to will be sporting the cute custom pom pom beanie that you personalized.
  • Besides keeping your head warm, custom embroidered pom pom beanies are super stylish and look great with fur collared jackets and wool coats.
  • Customize your pom pom beanie with your embroidered company name or logo, or a embroidered word that has special meaning to you and your crew, such as hope or joy.
  • Custom embroidered Pom Pom beanies look super cute with a winter wrap, fur collar jacket, or a wool coat. Add a matching embroidered scarf and you will not only feel warm and cozy, you will also look great in your custom pom pom hat.

So who decided to add pom pom to beanies in the first place?

It is believed poms were originally created to cover the gathered seams at the top of a knitted beanie. Some say the pompon caps originated from the Vikings, who wore custom pom pom beanies as part of their uniform. Custom Pom Pom beanies were also part of the Scottish Highland uniform.

Sailors started wearing the pom hats possibly because when there were rough seas, the poms gave them extra protection from bashing their heads.

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