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Fleece & Fleece Lined Beanies

fleece beanie

Customizable Fleece Beanies - Great for Extra Warmth

Custom Fleece Lined Beanies - the Look of Traditional Beanies but the Warmth of Fleece

Custom Embroidered Fleece beanies are an excellent choice for people who find knitted beanies to be itchy or uncomfortable.

  • Newer beanie fabrics combine function and comfort. Custom fleece beanies help block out the wind and make an excellent choice for outdoor workers and people who enjoy outdoor winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, or walking, jogging, or running outdoors.
  • Custom fleece beanies are typically just as warm as a knitted beanie, but are lighter in weight and fit tighter to the scalp. Custom embroidered fleece beanies also work well under hard hats or helmets. So if you work in a construction zone or bike or climb during the winter months, a custom fleece beanie is the right choice.
  • Many custom embroidered fleece beanies are also made from moisture wicking fabrics, which helps perspiration evaporate during aerobic activity.
  • If you like the look of a custom knitted beanie, but prefer the comfort of a custom fleece beanie, consider choosing a custom fleece lined beanie. Custom fleece lined beanies keep scratchy fibers off bare skin, as the soft fleece liner is what touches the skin. Fleece liners can either line the inner cap entirely or be sewn as an inner headband.
  • Another benefit of custom fleece-lined beanies is longevity, as the added fleece lining helps prevent a loose knit cap from stretching out of shape.