Get Custom Racing Shirts for Your Team!

Broken Arrow specializes in what we like to call "race car artwork". This is when we take your race car, redraw it and turn it into a beautiful piece of t-shirt artwork. The end result? Awesome custom racing shirts that are not like every one else's on the track. We can do this with formula cars, sports cars, road cars and any other cars you can think of. Heck - we even can do this to trucks or dirt bikes.

How It Works

One of the most common questions we get asked is how do custom racing shirts work? Very simply! We have an amazing team of great artist who work on creating a 100% custom design for you. You just need to send us high quality photographs of your car and any logos you want. Typically, customers will want to put sponsor logos on the back, so be sure to include that information as well. If you don't have a logo available for then, we can also write out their business name so they can still be included. Our customer service team will discuss the other details of your order such as garment information, ink colors, design requests, and anything else you might want. Once all of this is gathered up, we will submit your artwork info to our design team. They will create a proof for you in about 3-4 business days. It is longer than our standard turnaround because it takes extra time than a standard piece of artwork. The artwork fee on custom racing shirts is typically $199.95, which is one of the cheapest in the industry. Just because we are not expensive doesn't mean we are not good, we are just more efficient than our competitors.

What happens when your design is done?

Once your design is completed, we will email you an artwork proof. You can make any changes you want, so don't worry if the first design is not perfect. Each change takes about 24 hours, so be sure to submit right away. Once your design is all ready to go and you have approved it, we will send your order through to our production department. Our standard turn-around time is only 4 business days so they will ship out in a jiffy. Keep in mind that our t-shirt and hoodie prices are quantity based so the more custom racing shirts you buy, the better your price will be. Don't forget to order extras because once the shirts are printed, people will run after you asking you to buy one!