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Beanies and Knit Caps for Custom Embroidery


Why are these embroidered caps called beanies?

  • A beanie is a hat or cap that hugs your head and is either knitted or sewn together using fleece or another soft, comfy material.
  • Unlike baseball caps, most beanies do not have a brim.
  • Beanies come in many different colors and styles just like other caps.

Fun facts about Embroidered Beanies

  • Other names for beanies include knit caps, knit hats, stocking caps, sock hats, tassel caps, ski hats, burglar beanies, snookie caps, dinks, and dinkies (no we didn’t make that up).
  • Beanie became one of the most popular terms for knitted stocking caps in the 1950’s when a cartoon called “Beanie and Cecil” became popular. The boy in the cartoon wore a beanie with a propeller on top, and Cecil, his best friend, was a seasick sea serpent who often saved Beanie Boy from the perils of life.