Creating Design Online

With the online design tool, you can create a custom design in just seconds and place your order right online! Here are some frequently asked questions that will help you along the way.

I'm at your T-shirt what?

Great! Now you can add custom text and graphics to the garment you selected. Once you've finished designing your garment, click the "Next" button to get pricing, email your design to others, save your design, and buy your custom designed garments! You can makecustom hoodies, t-shirts, and more with the online designer!

How do I change my garment or product color?

Underneath the product image on the designer page, there is a small color chip which you can click on and view other colors to choose from.

How do I put text on my garment or product?

Click the "Add/Edit Text" tab on the designer. Click inside of the "Add Text to Product" text box. Next, enter your text (you will need to delete the instructional "Type Your Text Here" text). Once you've entered your text, click the "Add New Line" button and your text will be added to your product!

Can I change how my text looks?

Of course! You can change your font face, color, whether or not you want bold or italics, and add a shadow or outline color. You can also change it so you text arcs up or down!

Before adding your text to your garment, select the options you would like. If you want to edit your text after you've added it, simply click the text on your product and the options will become available for you to use!

How do I put clip art on my garment or product?

Click the "Add/Edit Graphics" tab on the designer. You can browse through the clip art gallery by category or search for a specific piece of art. Once you've found a piece of artwork you like, click it, and the selected piece will appear on your garment or product. Change the color of the artwork by clicking on the color chip on the "Add/Edit Graphics" tab.

Can I change how my clip art looks?

Yup! Once the clip art has been added to your garment or product, you can change the clip art color, size, and rotation by clicking on the piece of clip art and using the controls that appear on the clip art to edit the artwork.

Can I upload my own image?

Yes! Click the "Add/Edit Graphics" tab on the designer. Once there, click the "Upload your own image" to the right of the "Search" text box. Once you've done that, a file browser window will appear and you will need to select the graphic file you which to upload.

Once you select a file to upload to the T-Shirt Builder, a window will appear that allows you to pick which colors you would like to use to recreate your uploaded image. Simply select each color you would like to have it screenprinted with.

If your image is photo-like or has too many colors to count in it, check the box that says "My image has too many colors or too many gradients". This tells us that we will need to take a closer look at your art but also still allows you to quote your designed product.

You will need to certify that you have permission to reproduce the image you have uploaded before proceeding.

How do I edit my text or clip art after I've added it?

You will need to click on each piece of clip art or text in order to bring up the selection and edit tools again.

How do I delete items on my garment or product?

If you click on any piece of text, clip art, or uploaded art on the designer, three controls appear on the selected piece: rotate, resize, and delete. Delete is the one that appears as a red "X".

Can I put art on other locations besides the front?

Definitely. Beneath the image of your designed product are controls for you to go to either the front, back, left sleeve, and right sleeve locations. By all means - put stuff everywhere!

Can I save my design?

Yes! When you are finished designing your garment or product, click the orange "Next" button on the designer page. This will add your design to your shopping cart. Once on the shopping cart page, click the orange "Save" button. You will need to be logged in to save your design.

How do I retrieve a design I saved in the T-shirt Builder?

On any Broken Arrow page, click either the "Login" button or "My Account" button to access your account and saved designs. Once in your account, you will see a list of your saved shopping carts and designs.

I'm done designing! Now what?

dd your design to your cart by clicking the orange "Next" button. Adding your design to your cart allows you to get an instant quote for the design you just made, email it to others, save it, and order your design!