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Dance & Cheer T-Shirt Design Ideas

Are you looking for some dance t-shirt design ideas or cheer design ideas? Check out some of our customizable templates from our online design tool or create your own template!

Dance & Cheer Team Garment Favorites

Ways to Spice Up Your Dance & Cheer Design Ideas

If you are looking for something new and different this year, you’ve come to the right place. Broken Arrow has some unique fun ideas on how you can turn your boring ole dance t-shirt design into something that the entire company will love. These same concepts can also easily be applied to your cheer t-shirt designs.

  • Add Glitter – One of the easiest was to really make your design glitz it’s through adding glitter inks. With quite a few colors to choose form including gold and chrome, it will be easy to incorporate this into your cheer t-shirt designs. Check our Glitter & Sparkle Options
  • Add Metallic Inks – Glitter not your thing or are you looking for something a little bit more unisex for your dance team? Easily add metallic inks to your design, and it doesn’t even cost much! Check out our Metallic Inks
  • Bling Bling! Add Rhinestones – Nothing sparkles like a custom binged out dance design. Crystal is our favorite color as they reflect the most light, but we’ve got a lot of color to choose from. Check out our Rhinestones

Why Dance T-Shirts & Cheer T-Shirts are a Good Idea

One problem dance moms and dads always face is cost. Choreography fee here, recital fee there, competition fee next…the list goes on and on! Because we love t-shirts, we love the idea of making an inexpensive dance design or cheer design by applying it to t-shirts! If you are holding a dance or cheer camp, there is no reason to spend a bunch of money on something that won’t get warn much. Get the girls something they will wear both in and out of the studio making it not only economical to buy, but a good marketing tool for your dance studio. Use them for parades, outings, and any other thing that you want your team to look uniform and put together. Its an easy, cheap way to turn your dancers or cheer squad into a dang good looking team. As an added bonus, t-shirts are super comfortable for tumbling and all the crazy moves.