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Saving time and money on getting cheap custom shirts is easy with our wholesale custom t-shirts and bulk t-shirt printing services. Custom shirts are a great way to promote a business, spread a message through your community, or simply get personalized clothing for a group. We have been a leader in t-shirts in bulk for decades, and make it our mission to help you get your cheap custom shirt quickly, at bulk t-shirt pricing and at the highest quality possible. To even sweeten the pricing on our wholesale t-shirt printing, we offer quantity based discounts! That means that the more bulk t-shirts you buy, the higher your discounted price is per shirt. Our wholesale t-shirt pricing coupled with bulk quantity discounts can make you can promote your business, school or team without breaking the bank! How are we able to offer volume cheap custom shirts at wholesale bulk pricing? We combine all of our customer orders together before purchasing cheap custom shirt blanks directly from distributors or manufactures. Combining orders gets us the best possible bulk t-shirt pricing, which is then passed down to you! It's kind of like a cheap custom t-shirt printing co-op within our own customer base! Our goal is to make getting cheap custom shirts as easy as possible.

Everyday Wholesale Prices to All Customers for Shirts in Bulk

One of the best reasons to work with Broken Arrow on your wholesale custom t-shirt needs is that you don't have to do anything additional to 'qualify' for the cheap custom shirts. Right off the bat, all of our shirts are priced at wholesale instead of retail, but the pricing is still quantity based. This means that a Nike polo that you can buy from Dicks Sporting Goods for $49.99 blank could quite possibly be delivered to your door with your logo on it for less! Retailers take the garments and double, triple, or even quadruple them! That $49.99 Nike Polo might cost the retailer less than $15.00! How do we cheap custom shirt in bulk? We work directly with wholesale t-shirt printing vendors to purchase at the same cheap cost retailers are, and then we pass on the discounts. We also order bulk t-shirts so we can get the best possible pricing from them. Bulk t-shirt printing really is quite a simple concept, but requires persistence, dedication, and great relationships with distributors. Whether you are looking to buy bulk cheap custom t-shirts or no minimum digital printing, you will receive wholesale custom t-shirt prices at Broken Arrow. We don't make you jump through hoops and prove you deserve wholesale bulk t-shirt prices, we just give them to you!

Wholesale & Bulk Pricing is NOT Limited to Just T-Shirts!

We have thousands of options for bulk t-shirt printing that will ensure you can get the perfect design for your style, not just basic cotton shirts. Bulk t-shirt printing is available for any of our custom services from 50/50 shirts to heavy cotton short sleeve polo shirts and long sleeve t-shirts to V-necks and tank tops. In addition to these items we offer zip hoodies, ladies shirts, cotton shirts, heavy and lightwight hoodies and brands such as Gildan. We even offer dri-fit shirts wholesale. Once you have decided on the style you want, choose from dozens of colors and any size you need. We also offer mens, womens, cotton, polyester, 50/50 blends and really anything you can think of. In addition, we’ve got Jerzee, Gildan, Fruit of the Loom and many other Get wholesale custom t-shirts with text, artwork, and custom designs of your choosing to create the perfect top. Whether you are looking for rhinestone, engraving, or glow in the dark ink, we can create your vision! Our dedication to customer satisfaction will ensure your shopping experience is as quick and easy as possible. When you order bulk t-shirt printing, you can expect fast processing and shipping. We guarantee four day turnaround, even on large orders, and free shipping within the contiguous United States to ensure you get the best deal anywhere! We are ready to handle any size order, helping you get the best price per shirt with bigger discounts the more you need. Create a community in minutes by spreading a message with customized tees. Having the same style top will bring people together as a group and give them great memories for years. Our wide range of wholesale t-shirt printing options gives you the freedom to design the perfect look, and our dedication to quality and service will ensure you get the best deal when you order bulk t-shirts and receive cheap wholesale prices. Enjoy the ultimate freedom of expression by creating the perfect cheap custom shirts today.

Why is bulk t-shirt printing cheaper?

If you are familiar with the process of screen printing, you'll know that the time to setup a screen printing job is not related to the quantity in the job. Meaning it take the same amount of time to setup for an order of 25 as it does to setup for a bulk t-shirt printing job of 500. The job costs when spread out through the small amount of pieces vs the larger amount is the same, so of course the apparel items will be less expensive at the higher quantities. We also can spread out other costs such as labor for checking the garments in, marketing and everything else through more pieces. Printed bulk shirts will always be cheaper as an industry standard.

What is the best shirt for whoslale t-shirt printing?

While we believe there should really be multiple factors considered such as what is the best fabric for your project, we want to keep it simple for you! We love the Gildan 5000 and it is the cheapest shirt we currently offer. With over 50 colors available and a matching youth garment, its a solid option for any proejct. Talk to our team and we can help find the perfect shirt for you to put your design and logo on.