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Favorite Fashion Tees

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These Fashion T-shirts Are Destined to Become Favorites

Do you want a stylish fashion T-shirt for your crew to wear? You’ve come to the right place! Custom-decorated fashion T-shirts are now a staple in American’s closets and they have come a long way since the term was first added to the dictionary nearly 100 years ago. Beautiful custom graphic designs and a multitude of color choices make these fashion T-shirt’s eye-catching, fun to wear, and in some cases, collectors’ items. Multiple fabric choices and different sleeve lengths and cuts can make your custom T-shirt design as individual as you are. Before you buy a fashion T-shirt, consider which fabric and sleeve style will work best for your custom-decorated tee.

Which is Best—Cotton, Heavy Cotton, or Cotton Jersey?

  • The difference between cotton and heavy cotton is the actual fabric weight. Fabric weight in the U.S. is measured in ounces per square yard. Heavier T-shirts (in the 5.5oz - 6.1oz range) are less susceptible to snagging and keep you warmer. Cotton tees in the 3oz to 5.4oz range are cooler and great for layering.
  • Jersey knit cotton T-shirts have more give, are lighter weight, and wrinkle less than standard cotton T-shirts. If you have a T-shirt that rolls up a little bit at the bottom after you wash it, it’s likely made from jersey knit cotton.

Is Posicharge a Good Choice?

Posicharge performance garments are made from a specially woven 100-percent polyester mesh fabric that wicks moisture, resists snags, controls odors, and is fade resistant. It’s a great choice for exercising and working outdoors.

Why Choose a Tri-blend?

Tri-blend fabrics are made from a combination of three fabrics, typically combining cotton, polyester and rayon. Lightweight and extra soft, these tees prevent heat from being trapped between the fabric and your skin, making them ideal for an active day at the gym or an inactive day binge-watching Netflix or Hulu. Tri-blends often have slight color variations that give them an instant, well-loved look and feel.

Raglan or Standard Sleeves?

  • Raglan sleeves, sometimes called baseball sleeves, are often worn by Major League Baseball (MLB) players under their jersey. Their distinguishing characteristic is that the sleeves extend in one piece fully to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone.
  • Standard sleeves have a vertical seam along your shoulder’s edge and below the armpit. Both standard and raglan sleeves come in short and long sleeve styles.