High quality screen printing from Broken Arrow

Broken Arrow is your go to place for high quality screen printing! We have been in the screen printing business for over 25 years, and have printed over ten million t-shirts! Our production crew is an experienced team of printers, artists, screen technicians, and quality control technicians that are dedicated to providing you with the best possible screen print. High quality screen printing is what we do! At Broken Arrow, it's the only way custom t-shirts get out our door!

High Quality Screen Printing Starts with Good Art

The first step to high quality screen printing is really the artwork. The screen print will only look as good as the design, and as good as the actual artwork file that is used for printing. This is where our team of in-house graphic designers come in. We have a whole team of artists that are specially trained in screen printing, and can not only create an amazing one of a kind design just for your custom t-shirts, but can also create the perfect artwork file that will give a stellar result when screen printed. And, best of all, custom art services are free for most designs with your apparel order.

The Process is Easy

Once you have approved your online proof, our production department can start getting to work on your order! This includes burning the screens with all of the layers of colors in your design. They will choose the best one of our screen printing machines for your order, and will meticulously align the screens to give a perfect registration. Our screen technicians carefully select the proper screen mesh size to allow the right amount of ink to come through, based on your design, the ink used, and the garments. Once the shirts are printed, they go through our industrial dryer which is set to the perfect temperature to cure the ink. And then, each and every shirt is inspected by our quality control department to make sure it meets our high quality screen printing standards.

See Our High Quality with Your Own Eyes

Want to check out our high quality screen printing? We have awesome samples you can order right online. We have a sample pack that includes a screen printed t-shirt, an embroidered t-shirt and swatches of our specialty inks. Or, you can order individual samples of items such as all over printing, digital printing, and many more. We are confident that you will love our quality! Contact us today to get started on your custom screen printing apparel order!