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All Over T-Shirt Printing Ink Color Choices

All Over t-shirt printing uses water based inks with a discharge printing process instead of standard screen printing plastisol inks. This allows us to work with a thinner ink to give you a softer print. The down side of working with water base screen printing inks is that you will lose some vibrancy with your colors. Please keep this in mind when selecting ink colors for your custom all over prints. Learn more about printing with water based ink.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to varying monitor settings, the colors represented on this screen MAY NOT MATCH the actual ink colors on the garments. This chart should be used as an approximate reference only.

Screen Printing Water Based Ink Colors

  • White
  • Russell Gray
  • Dark Gray
  • Cool Gray 10c
  • Black
  • Gold 8000
  • Russell Cardinal
  • Burgundy
  • Maroon
  • Brandywine
  • Purple 50200
  • Russell Purple
  • PMS2567 (Lavendar)
  • Bear's Navy
  • Deacon Blue
  • PMS658 (Lt Blue)
  • Contact Blue
  • Deep Aqua
  • Kelly Green
  • Black Light Green
  • Dark Chrome Green
  • Dark Brown RT
  • Spice Brown
  • PMS466 (Light Khaki)
  • Rebel Flesh
  • PMS217 (Light Pink)
  • Panther Pink
  • PMS213 (Pink)

Custom PMS Color Mixing for Water Based Inks Available

If you do not see a color that works for your logo or design, we offer custom PMS colors for a small fee. PMS, also known as Pantone Matching System, is a universal coloring system which allows us to match a color based on paper printing. Traditionally, PMS colors are intended for white backgrounds so the PMS colors may vary from the books. Broken Arrow matches from the coated color pallet.

Other Considerations about Discharge & Waterbase Inks

Due to the nature of discharge inks, 100% natural fibers will give you the best result. Cotton is the number one printing choice. As noted in the All Over Shirt Printing Limitations Page, not all t-shirt colors will work for discharge printing. Please be sure to check that page to ensure the best possible results for your custom t-shirt all over prints.