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Popular Women’s & Youth Garments


Popular Shirts for Standard Print Sizes


Popular Shirts for Oversized Screen Printing and Jumbo T-Shirt Printing


Popular Shirts for All Over Print

Standard Print Sizes, Oversized Screen Printing & All Over

Ladies & Youth Shirt Standard Print Sizes

Women’s and youth shirts typically fit a 9x9 inch print size for front and back prints with screen printing or digital printing. This is a nice sized print for these types of shirts as it fills a good portion of the shirt without being overpowering. Note - toddler and infant shirts do require a smaller print size. In addition to the standard print size, we can do oversized screen printing of 9’’ wide x 20’’ tall. If you need an even larger print, we can upgrade these items to an all over print! The most popular print size is 9 x 9 but some flowy ladies garments or women’s sized garments can take a larger print. Ask our team to recommend the best print size for your products and design.

Standard Print Size for Basic T-Shirts

A Standard print size can print a t-shirt logo size of 12.5" wide by 14" tall, and generally fits on youth mediums and larger, and men’s or unisex cut shirts with screen printing or digital printing. This is the most popular printing size of all of our t-shirt printing methods as it allows for a good sized print on most shirts. You can also combine youth shirts sized medium and up with adult shirts and combine them for the total quantity pricing as they will all have the exact same design. Some women’s shirts may fit with this print size as well, but not all so be sure to ask your sales rep for more details. This is by far the most popular print size. Upgrade to oversized screen printing or jumbo screen printing to really maximize your design with applicable.

Oversized Screen Printing

You can take advantage of our oversized screen printing with jumbo design size of up to 16’’ wide by 20’’ tall. We can do this on most t-shirts size medium and larger. The average t-shirt in size small is only about 19 inches wide so although it seems like it might fit, it won’t due to the side seams and the printing equipment that is required to utilize an oversized screen print. Some women’s shirts can also accommodate this print size. Oversized screen printing is also commonly referred to as jumbo printing as it gives a very large print on t-shirts. Oversize prints are slightly more expensive than a standard screen print, but give a lot of impact!

All Over Printing

All over printing gives the maximum impact with a jumbo print size! A 30" wide by 40" tall maximum print size can span the entire length and width of most t-shirt sizes. All over prints do have a few restrictions, such as a limit of a 4 ink colors, cotton t-shirts, waterbase inks, etc. And, while all over printing is available on youth, ladies and adult shirts, each must be a separate order as the artwork is resized to fit. The same print size is used on all of the shirts in the order. If you were to print youth sizes with adults, much of the design would be missing on youth sizes. Separating the shirts into different orders gives the best results!