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Get Sponsored! Earning $$ is Fast, Easy & Free!


T-Shirt Sponsor

Find a sponsorship that works for your group or events needs. Fill out the form and start your sponsorship.


Earn money through
Easy Activities

Examples include liking the sponsor on Facebook, Follow them on Twitter, Sign up for Emails, etc.


Redeem Your
Free T-Shirts

Once you've completed your sponsorship, receive a promo code and use that to redeem your free t-shirts.

Past Partners have Included:


Is this t-shirt sponsorship actually free? Yes! It is!

Find a sponsor and see for yourself! This is not a crowd funding sponsorship, although you can earn more money towards free t-shirts by getting your friends, family, neighbors, and any other connections you have involved. Major and small brands alike spend thousands of marketing dollars to have their brand in front of you, why not through custom t-shirts sponsorships? Not only does this program give you an easy way to get sponsored, it also gives your supporters an easy (and free) way to help your team, school or event. If you find a sponsorship online that works for you, be sure to grab it because funds are limited and can go very quickly. Get sponsored now, don't delay!

Use Your T-Shirt Sponsorship to Raise Money!

Some of the t-shirt sponsor programs offer up to $1,000 towards custom tees for almost any group. Need money for a missions trip? New Uniforms? Have your team rally supporters on social media to earn funds and then sell the tees that you earn! Broken Arrow can assist you in setting up an online store to resell your tees. Once your campaign is over, Broken Arrow will send you a check for the funds that you've earned! You can use those funds to purchase anything at all! Get the most out of the free custom t-shirt that you and your group have earned. Find a sponsor today! Hurry – sponsorships are limited and come and go quickly.