How is your Perfect T-Shirt Selection Chosen?

Great Question! We walked you through the exact same questions that our highly trained customer service representives would ask to lead you to the right shirt that is best for you use. Below are the most important factors that we take into account! If you have any questions at all, please contact our team who can walk you through why we think that option is a great one for your needs.

Ordering Quantity - Our no minimum printing option requires that your garment be at least 80% cotton. If you are wanting less than 6 pieces, we strip out all t-shirts that will not work for our direct to garment printing method.

Fabric Content - One of the most important considerations when selecting the right garments is selecting the right fabrics. Typically by telling us what you are using the items for, we can determine the best fabrics for you. Cotton gives you great breathability but is not moisture wicking. Polyester is moisture wicking but is not that breathable. Something used for athletics vs. casual wear is going to be a large factor in final product selection.

Quality - Are you looking for the cheapest possible thing or are you wanting something higher quality? While price should be a factor, it should not be the only or most important factor. A cheap t-shirt that sits in your drawer isn't worth much for marketing or anything else. Spending a couple of extra dollars to get something soft can be worth it...depenending on your goals of course.

Style - While we've got some amazing selections, not all of them offer a wide array of products. If you are needing companion womens, youth, hoodies, etc., we need to make sure to find a line that works for that. Combining brands is typically not ideal because garment colors may not match, fabrics may be different and the result is not a coheasive look.