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Custom Applique Embroidery Will Make Your Designs Stand Out From the Rest!

Applique with Letters and Numbers

For fast and easy applique, try our ready-to-stitch letters and numbers on your garments! It's a great way to put your family or company's name on any number of the high quality garments that we offer and give them a great look you just can't get from our regular embroidery. We also offer Greek applique letters so you can proudly show support for your favorite college organization!

custom embroidery

Just provide us the following information and we'll handle the rest!

What words and (or) numbers would you like made out of applique?

What size of letters and (or) numbers would you like to use?

  • Sizes for letters - 2", 3", 4", 6", and 8"
  • Sizes for numbers - 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12"
  • Sizes for Greek letters - 2", 4", and 6"

What type of font?

  • Below is a font chart with representations of the diferent letters and numbers available from Broken Arrow.

What type and color of attachment stitch, Zig-zag or Satin stitch?

  • For a complete listing of our thread colors, please visit our Embroidery Thread Colors page.

What color(s) of material would you like to use?

  • Below is a color chart with representations of the diferent colors of applique material we use at Broken Arrow.

Broken Arrow Applique Fonts

Varsity Font

Varsity Applique Letters

Pro Block Font

Pro Block Applique Letters

Mega Greek Font

Mega Greek Applique Letters

Broken Arrow Applique Material Colors

Applique Material Color WhiteWhite BlackBlack Applique Material Color GoldGold Applique Material Color Red Red
Applique Material Color RoyalRoyal Applique Material Color NavyNavy Applique Material Color GrayGray Applique Material Color KellyKelly
Applique Material Color OrangeOrange Applique Material Color MaroonMaroon Applique Material Color PurplePurple Applique Material Color Dark GreenDark Green
Applique Material Color CardinalCardinal Applique Material Color Vegas GoldVegas Gold Applique Material Color ColumbiaColumbia Applique Material Color BrownBrown
Applique Material Color PinkPink Applique Material Color Old GoldOld Gold Applique Material Color MaizeMaize Applique Material Color Tenn. OrangeTenn. Orange
Applique Material Color CreamCream Applique Material Color Shark TealShark Teal Applique Material Color Dark RoyalDark Royal Applique Material Color Devil RedDevil Red
Applique Material Color Light GoldLight Gold

PLEASE NOTE - Due to varying monitor settings, the colors represented on this screen MAY NOT MATCH the actual applique material colors on your garments. This chart should be used as an approximate reference only.

Custom Applique Designs

We can also make your custom design for applique too! So if you have a favorite design or company logo that you'd like to see made out of applique, place a custom order today!

Once you place your order, we'll take your design and have our artists create a proof. We'll email you the proof for you to approve and once you do, we'll have your design cut out and stitched onto the garments you ordered! For a truly unique design, we recommend using letters and numbers along with a custom design. It will really WOW your friends and family!

Just provide us the following information for your custom applique and we'll handle the rest!

The dimensions of the design (width, height).

What type and color of attachment stitch, Zig-zag or Satin Stitch?

What color of material?

  • See color chart above for a listing of the available material colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you shape the way my text or numbers are placed?

Sure can! Just tell us what you'd like to see. We can do things like arches, angles, circles, etc.

What is an attachment stitch (Zig-zag vs. Satin)?

An attachment stitch is the type of stitch we use to tack down the applique material. Zig-zag stitch is just like how it sounds! The zig-zag stitch requires less stitches than the satin stitch as it is not as dense. The satin stitch, also referred to so as a "column stitch", is a much thicker stitch type than the zig-zag. Both types of attachment stitches look great and will keep your designs securely in place!

How many colors of fabric can I use?

Currently we offer up to two layers of colored material for our applique letters and numbers. For custom designs, you can select any one color of fabric to use. Remember, you can always change the color of the attachment stitch to create an additional color in your applique design! For a complete listing of our thread colors, please visit our Embroidery Thread Colors page.

If you have any other questions regarding applique, please call us at 800.810.4692 and we'll be happy to answer them.