Custom Shirts with Digital Printing

Digital printing is a fantastic option for custom shirts! Digital printing works well with high resolution designs, like photographs, photo-realistic designs, or artwork with tons of colors. Digital printing is also a great choice for small orders, as Broken Arrow offer custom shirts with digital printing for any quantity - even single shirts! That means you can get custom shirts with a funny picture for your friend's surprise birthday party, or order a special t-shirt for a gift.

Digital Printing Quality

Digital printing gives a great print quality, retaining crisp and clear small details in images, and all sorts of colors. Digital printing is much like your at home printer, as it prints directly on the shirt without screens like screen printing. Due to its direct printing on shirts, digital printing is also know as direct to garment, or DTG printing. There are ink cartridges, like your personal printer would have, although the ink is different of course, and the printer is much, much larger. The shirts are loaded on to pallets, and the printing can begin. A print takes a few minutes, depending on the size and shirt color. Next, the shirt is removed and goes through the dryer to cure the print.

Digital Printing vs Screen Printing

Digital printing is a great option for custom shirts, but does have a few limitations and restrictions. Digital Printing works best on shirts that are made from at least 70% cotton. When compared to screen printing, digital printing will not give quite as vibrant of a print as screen printing. Digital printing does also not allow for specialty inks or all over printing, like screen printing does. Digital printing takes the cake when it comes to details, and colors, as it isn't limited to 6 spot colors.

Design Online

You can order custom shirts with digital printing conveniently online with our handy online designer! Upload a design if you have one, or create one right online with the onboard tools. Then enter in the sizes and quantities you need, and place your order right online!