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Religious T-Shirt Designs & Ideas

Looking for something new and fresh for your church t-shirt designs this year? Check out some of our religious based t-shirt design ideas. You can customize them with your church, religion, or Christian school. Change the name, change the colors, you can even change the clipart to something else in our thousands of available. Start with these templates and even add your own church logo! Religious t-shirts are a great way to express your faith and start a conversation.

Religious T-Shirt Selections

Other Popular Religious Apparel Options

Cool Church T-Shirt Designs can make a BIG Impact!

One of the best ways to start a conversation about your religion or church is to wear custom church t-shirts! If you’ve got shirts that your congregation will wear, your Christian message can be all over town. Consider your shirts as a walking billboard not only for your church, but for your God. Christina t-shirt design has changed in the last year from basic crosses and text into amazing artistic designs that look straight off the retail shelf. If you need help creating a church t-shirt design, contact us today and our professional artwork team can transform your religious t-shirt design idea into something really awesome.

Get Other Apparel Items for your Church Group

In addition to church t-shirt, we’ve got tons of other apparel items. Whether you need long sleeves to protect you from the sun during a mission trip, hats for your church baseball league or jackets for your parking team on Sunday mornings, we’ve got you covered!