Heavyweight Customizable Crewneck Sweatshirts

Carhartt CTK124

Champion CD400

10oz Garment Dyed Crewneck

$$ | S-3XL | 7 Colors

Carhartt CTK124

Carhartt CTK124

10.5oz Classic Crewneck

$$$ | S-4XL | 4 Colors

Carhartt S149

Champion S149

12oz Reverse Weave® Crew

$$$ | S-3XL | 15 Colors

Sport-Tek F280

Sport-Tek F280

12oz Super Heavyweight

$$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Volunteer Knitwear VL130

Volunteer Knitwear VL130

13oz USA Made Chore Crew

$$$ | S-4XL | 2 Colors


Independent Trading Co. IND5000C

IndTradingCo. IND5000C

13.5oz Heavy Cross-Grain

$$ | XS-3XL | 13 Colors

Bayside 4025

Bayside 4025

16oz Oversized Super Heavy

$$$ | S-3XL | 6 Colors

Custom Heavy Weight Full-Zip Hoodies

Made from thicker and heavier fabric than other sweatshirts, heavy weight full zip hooded sweatshirts are a good choice for outdoor wear in areas with cooler climates.

  • When you and your posse need to stay warm, choose a heavyweight zip-up hoodie. The zip-up heavyweight hoodies shown on this page are designed to keep you warm when its cold outside. Unless you're inside a hockey ring, these hoodies are typically too warm for wearing indoors.
  • Heavy weight full zip hoodies are bulkier than lighter weight hoodies. This added thickness is designed to help keep you warm.
  • Heavy weight zip-ups are durable. Full zip heavy hooded sweatshirts are designed for use in unforgiving environments. Most feature double stitched hems and side-seams.
  • On or off the field, heavy weights zip-ups are the warmest type of hooded sweatshirt. For many people, the zip-up design makes it easier than a pullover to put on and take off.
  • How heavy are they? The zip-up sweatshirts on this page range from 10 ounces to 14 ounces. Most are made from easy care poly-cotton fabric blends that reduce shrinkage and wrinkling.
  • When using the free online designer to create a logo or custom graphic for your heavy-weight full zip sweatshirt, you'll be able to see where the zipper will show in your design. You'll also want to take into account how the hoodie will look unzipped. If you are creating a back print, you'll also be able to see where the hood will fall above the design.
  • If you need help designing your full zip heavy weight hoody, we are here for you! Our staff of talented artists provide free art help should you need it.