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Customize Ladies Leggings & Women's Sweatpants

Ladies Leggings Pants

Ladies Customizable Leggings

Ladies Sweatpants & Yoga Pants

Customized Cotton Leggings vs Customized Polyester Leggings

Have you ever wondered about the difference between cotton and polyester leggings? Cotton leggings are highly breathable and are typically associated with yoga pants or more of a lounge pant. Cotton leggings will typically wear cooler than polyester leggings. Polyester is a fabric that is known for staying dry and moisture wicking. They are typically associated with exercise and working out. They tend to be a little warmer (because they are less breathable) so you'll see high end pants having mesh panels to help with temperature regulation. Some ladies prefer polyester also because it supports the body better.

Customize Women's Fleece Pants

In addition to leggings, we offer customizable ladies fleece pants. These are great for school teams, clubs and even everyday lounging. Our sweatshirt fleece material pants can range in weight from light weight to heavy. We even offer some super fashionable joggers and dodge ball pants. Customize them with screen printing or embroidery with a low 6 piece minimum in all styles. We offer your favorite brands such as Alternative Apparel, Champion, Gildan and so many more!