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Customize Soft Shell Jackets


What is a custom soft shell jacket?

  • Soft shell jackets are designed to be breathable and flexible, making them an excellent choice for any outdoor activity in cool weather or even for extra warmth in a cooler indoor environment, such as a hockey arena or unheated gym.
  • Soft shell jackets can be worn in place of (or over) fleece when you need a little more warmth or protection from the weather. By contrast, hard shell jackets are more rigid and waterproof, which makes hard shell jackets a better choice for cold, raining, or snowy weather.
  • Soft shell jackets are long lasting, as they are made from strong fabrics and sewn with reinforced seams.

Why choose a soft shell jacket?

  • Soft shell jackets are easy to layer over and under, so you and your crew can stay warm and comfortable as the weather changes throughout the day.
  • Soft shell jackets look both classic and professional, so they make a great choice for traveling teams, active outdoor sports and activities, or for employees who work both inside and outdoors.
  • Soft shell jackets look super sharp and professional when embroidered with a logo, team, club, or company name.