Weatherproof 6500

Weatherproof 6500

10.3oz Soft Shell

Columbia C6044

Columbia C6044

Ascenderâ„¢ Soft Shell

Dri duck 5350

Dri Duck 5350

9.75oz Motion Soft Shell

Colorado clothing 9635

Colorado Clothing 9635

Antero Mock Soft Shell

Colorado clothing 9636

Colorado Clothing 9636

Ladies Antero Shell

Dri duck 5360

Dri Duck 5360

Elevation Soft Shell

Port authority J717

Port Authority J717

Active Soft Shell Jacket

Eddie bauer EB536

Eddie Bauer EB536

Hooded Soft Shell Parka

Ogio OE720

Ogio OE720

Crux Soft Shell

Ultra club 8280

Ultra Club 8280

Soft Shell w/ Collar

Sport-tek ST970

Sport-Tek ST970

Colorblock Soft Shell

Port authority J332

Harriton M780

Echo Soft Shell

Ash city 78050

Ash City 78050

Soft Shell Vest

Charles river 5819

Charles River 5819

Classic Soft Shell Vest

Charles river 5718

Charles River 5718

Women's Soft Shell

Charles river 9819

Charles River 9819

Mens Soft Shell Vest

Port authority J318

Port Authority J318

Core Colorblock

Port Authority J324

Port Authority J324

Welded Soft Shell

Customize Soft Shell Jackets

What is a custom soft shell jacket?

  • Soft shell jackets are designed to be breathable and flexible, making them an excellent choice for any outdoor activity in cool weather or even for extra warmth in a cooler indoor environment, such as a hockey arena or unheated gym.
  • Soft shell jackets can be worn in place of (or over) fleece when you need a little more warmth or protection from the weather. By contrast, hard shell jackets are more rigid and waterproof, which makes hard shell jackets a better choice for cold, raining, or snowy weather.
  • Soft shell jackets are long lasting, as they are made from strong fabrics and sewn with reinforced seams.

Why choose a soft shell jacket?

  • Soft shell jackets are easy to layer over and under, so you and your crew can stay warm and comfortable as the weather changes throughout the day.
  • Soft shell jackets look both classic and professional, so they make a great choice for traveling teams, active outdoor sports and activities, or for employees who work both inside and outdoors.
  • Soft shell jackets look super sharp and professional when embroidered with a logo, team, club, or company name.