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Full-Zip Fleece Jackets

Team 365 TT90

Team 365 TT90

6oz Campus MicroFleece Zip

$ | XS-4XL | 16 Colors

Port authority F217

Port Authority F217

8.3oz Value Fleece Full Zip

$ | XS-6XL | 9 Colors

Port authority F223

Port Authority F223

4.6oz Microfleece Zip Jacket

$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Port authority F230

Port Authority F230

4.6oz Colorblock Microfleece

$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Port authority F227

Port Authority F227

7.1oz R-TekĀ® Pro Fleece Zip

$$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Port authority F233

Port Authority F233

6.2oz Summit Fleece Full-Zip

$$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Port authority F211

Port Authority F211

11.5oz Ultra Warm Fleece

$$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Eddie bauer EB224

Eddie Bauer EB224

5.3oz Full-Zip Microfleece

$$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Port authority F227

Port Authority F227

R-Tek Pro Fleece

$$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Eddie bauer EB200

Eddie Bauer EB200

Full Zip Jacket

$$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Columbia 147667

Columbia 147667

7.4oz 100% Poly Jacket

$$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

Port Authority F229

Port Authority F229

9.3oz 100% Poly Jacket

$ | XS-3XL | 3 Colors

Eddie Bauer EB238

Eddie Bauer EB238

Full Zip Fleece Jacket

$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Sierra Pacific 3010

Siera Pacific 3061

8.5oz Fleece Full Zip

$ | S-5XL | 10 Colors

1/4 Zip & 1/2 Zip Fleece Pullovers

Port authority F218

Port Authority F218

Value Fleece 1/4-Zip

$$ | XS-5XL | 4 Colors

Port authority F224

Port Authority F224

Microfleece 1/2 Zip Pullover

$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Eddie bauer EB226

Eddie Bauer EB226

5.3oz 1/2 Zip Microfleece

$$ | XS-4XL | 3 Colors

Port authority F140

Port Authority F140

15oz Camp Snap Pullover

$$ | XS-4XL | 4 Colors

Customizable Ladies Fleece

Port authority L217

Port Authority L217

8.3oz Ladies Value Fleece Zip

$ | XS-4XL | 11 Colors

Harriton M990W

Harriton M990W

8oz Ladies Full Zip Fleece

$ | XS-3XL | 12 Colors

Port authority L224

Port authority L224

Microfleece 1/2-Zip Pullover

$$ | XS-XL | 6 Colors

Custom Embroidered Fleece Jacket | Design Your Own Fleece

Next to curling up with your favorite blanket and drinking hot chocolate, fleece jackets are a great option for staying warm in the winter! Get your fleece zip-ups and pullovers personalized to make them even more special.

  • Your employees, team members and sponsors will love a custom fleece full-zip jacket or pullover. Not only are fleece jackets stylish, they are also cozy, comfortable, and eye-catching.
  • Advertise and promote your brand, school, or team, with your own personalized fleece jacket. All the stylish jackets show are available with just a six-piece minimum and can be embroidered with your logo or custom emblem.
  • Personalized fleece jackets are great for skiers, warehouse workers, ice skaters, traveling teams, and outdoor workers.
  • Promote your hockey team off the ice with your very own custom fleece jacket.
  • Run errands serve customers, or exercise both inside and out in your own personalized fleece jacket!
  • Creating your own custom fleece jacket is easy. You can quickly upload your own artwork to our new, easy-to-use online designer or ask one of our staff designers to create something special for you for free.
  • For the best logo recognition and readability, choose thread colors that contrast with the jacket's color.