Custom Heavyweight Hoodies - Good for Cold Climates, Working Outdoors, Thicker and Bulkier

J.America 8824

J.America 8824

10oz Premium Hoodie

$ | XS-3XL | 21 Colors

Ind. Trading Co IND4000

IndTradingCo. IND4000

10oz Cotton Face Hoodie

$ | XS-3XL | 22 Colors

Lane Seven LS16001

Lane Seven LS16001

11oz Oversized Urban Hoodie

$$ | S-3XL | 6 Colors

Carhartt CTK121

Carhartt CTK121

10.5oz Classic Hoodie

$$ | S-4XL | 6 Colors

Carhartt CTK121

Carhartt CTK288

10.5oz with Logo on Sleeve

$$$ | S-4XL | 6 Colors

Weatherproof WP7700

Weatherproof WP7700

11oz Cross Weave Hoodie

$ | S-4XL | 7 Colors

Team 365 TT96

Team 365 TT96

11oz Zone HydroSport™ Hoodie

$ | S-4XL | 10 Colors

District DT6501

Fruit of the Loom 82130

12oz Supercotton Hoodie

$ | S-3XL | 6 Colors

Sport-Tek F281

Sport-Tek F281

12oz Super Heavyweight

$$ | XS-4XL | 10 Colors

Champion S101

Champion S101

12oz Reverse Weave Hoodie

$$$ | S-3XL | 17 Colors

Champion S101

Champion TDS101

12oz Reverse Scrunch-Dye

$$$ | S-4XL | 3 Colors

Ind. Trading Co SS4500

IndTradingCo IND5000P

13.5oz Heavy Cross-Grain Hood

$$$ | XS-3XL | 7 Colors

Bayside 4000

Bayside 4000

16oz Oversized Super Heavy

$$$ | S-3XL | 5 Colors

J. America 8832

J.America 8832

10oz Sport Lace Colorblock

$$ | XXS-3XL | 3 Colors

J. America 8830

J.America 8830

10oz 80/20 Sport Lace Hoodie

$ | XS-3XL | 10 Colors

Champion S101SS

Champion S101SS

12oz ReverseWeave SS

$$$ | S-2XL | 3 Colors

Custom Heavyweight Hoodies

  • Engineered for Warmth - We consider a hoodie to be heavyweight when its intent is to be worn outside in cold weather. Typically too hot for indoors (unless maybe you're at the hockey ring), these hoodies are heavy, bulky and will keep you nice and toasty.
  • Tested for Durability - Heavy sweatshirts are know to be used in unforgiving environments. Typically with double stitching and extra comfort features such as a reverse weave, these hoodies have been old trusty for longer than you've been alive.
  • Known for Performance - One thing you can count on is the heftiness and warmth of your custom heavyweight hoodie. Choose screen printing or embroidery for your custom design or logo and you'll have the best looking, warmest crew in town.

What are Reverse Weave Hoodies??

Over 100 years ago, Champion started making a Reverse Weave hoodie that has paved the way. According to Champion's website, "Reverse Weave® hoodies cut on the cross-grain. The result is that the length maintains its shape and shrinkage on the length is reduced to almost none. They also have added side panels which help for stretch and comfort. Throw in a double-stitched seams and your sweatshirt will have the toughness you need for contruction jobs, hearty work wear and so much more for many years to come.