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Custom Flex-Fit Hats & Fitted Hats


What are Custom Flexfit Hats?

Flexfit is a licensed technology owned by Yupoong, which is one of the world’s largest supplier of customized fitted hats. Flexfit hats feature a spandex band around the rim of the hat that allows you a comfy fitted look without the pain of needing to know your exact head circumference. Flexfit is not necessarily a brand of hat persay, but is a technology that exists within other popular brands of caps and hats. Popular brands that use Flexfit technology include Yupoong, Adidas, Puma, Nike, New Era and many more. Custom flex fit hats have become really popular in the past few years and have pretty much wiped away the traditional customized fitted hats as we knew them.

What is the difference between Flexfit Hats and Fitted Hats?

One upon a time, custom fitted hats were a really big pain to purchase because each person in your group would need to provide an individual hat size measurement. Fitted hats varied based on ¼ inch measurements so each person in your group might need a totally different fitted hat size. Enter in the custom flexfit hats. No more do you need to collect the head measurement, now, you just need to know are they a S/M, M/L or L/XL. No one is buying fitted caps anymore, flexfit is where it’s at!