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Custom Embroidered 5 Panel Caps


Why Choose a 5-Panel Cap For Your Logo?

  • 5 panel caps make a great choice for embroidered logos!
  • As the name implies, 5-panel hats are made up of five pieces of fabric. Each piece is cut to fit the region of the head where it sits, which makes the cap fit well, feel comfortable, and look great.
  • Bonus: Because there is no seam down the front, your logo will literally be plastered on someone’s forward!

Styling in a Sick Custom 5-panel Cap

  • Keep it forward. Don’t wear a five-panel hat backwards. Instead, show off its tailored look by wearing it the way it’s intended to be worn.
  • Choose either a flat brim or bent brim, whichever you prefer. Bent versions typically shade the sun a little better; flat versions lend a street-smart look.
  • Sport your custom decorated 5-panel with a great custom-decorated T-shirt, sweatshirt, polo, or jacket!