Custom Pigment Dyed Totes

liberty Bag LB8507

Liberty Bag LB8507

12oz Seaside Large Tote

$$ | 15" x 19" x 5" | 7 Colors

liberty Bag 8879

Liberty Bag 8879

12oz Pigment Dyed XL Boater

$$ | 23" x 15" x 7" | 7 Colors

Port Authority BG421

Port Authority BG421

Washed Cotton Beach Wash™

$$$ | 12.5" X 17" X 3" | 8 Colors

liberty Bag 8870

Liberty Bag 8870

12oz Pigment Dyed Tote

$$ | 19" x 12" x 4" | 10 Colors

Port Authority BG621

Port Authority BG621

Beach Wash ™ Cinch Pack

$$$ | 17.5" X 24" | 8 Colors

Comfort Colors 342

Comfort Colors 342

14oz Canvas Cinch Sak

$$$ | 14.5" X 17" | 3 Colors

Custom Pigment Dyed Bags: Custom Vintage Look Bags

  • Pigment-dyed bags have a chic vintage look that is super popular in classy retail shops.
  • Pigment-dyed coloring is eco-friendly.
  • Most of these vintage look bags are made from either pure, natural cotton or a cotton-polyester blend. Both materials are soft to the touch.
  • Choose from roomy totes, even bigger boat totes, over the shoulder totes, and more

So how can you identify a pigment dyed bag?

  • These bags have a weathered, softer shade of dye than bags dyed using other techniques.
  • Pigment dyed bags already been commercially washed and dried twice during the dying process, which helps give them that naturally aged look.

What it the best decorating method for pigment dyed bags?

  • We suggest screen-printing the bags with a distressed graphic or logo.
  • This will complement the vintage look of the bag.
  • The bags also look very good with a solid screen-printed company name or clever saying.

Your opinions matter at Broken Arrow!

  • At Broken Arrow, our apparel buyers are always looking for the perfect items that you, our customers, will love!
  • That's why we just added these chic bags that are sure to be a favorite promotional item and an appreciated employee or wedding part gift for many of customers.