custom travis mathew apparel

Customize TravisMathew Apparel

Elevate your wardrobe with custom Travis Mathew garments, crafted with precision and attention to detail for a truly one-of-a-kind look.

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  • Wholelsale Prices - Get it customized for less than retail!
  • Screen Printing, Embroidery & Patches Available
TravisMathew hats and beanies

Custom TravisMathew Hats & Beanies

Stay in the loop with this TravisMathew cap. It’s got embroidery, and a TravisMathew logo so you’re always on point with your style and swag.

TravisMathew TM1MU423

TravisMathew TM1MU423

Cruz Trucker Cap

$ | Snapback | 5 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MY390

TravisMathew TM1MY390

Cruz Colorblock Trucker Cap

$ | Snapback | 3 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MU426

Travis Mathew TM1MU426

Rad Flexback Cap

$ | Flexfit® | 4 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MY391

Travis Mathew TM1MY391

FOMO Solid Cap

$ | Snapback | 4 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MU425

Travis Mathew TM1MU425

FOMO Novelty Cap

$ | Snapback | 3 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MZ334

Travis Mathew TM1MZ334

On Ice Patch Cap

$$ | Snapback | 4 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MZ335

Travis Mathew TM1MZ335

Poly Front Icon Cap

$$ | Snapback | 5 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MY394

Travis Mathew TM1MY394

Solid Cuffed Beanie

$ | One Size | 3 Colors

TravisMathew TM1MY393

TravisMathew TM1MY393

Striped Cuffed Beanie

$ | One Size | 2 Colors

travismathews polos

Customizable TravisMathew Polo Shirts

Whether you need gear for the course or to wear in the office, TravisMathew polos offer high quality in various fabrications.

Travis Mathew TM1MU411

TravisMathew TM1MU411

4.6oz 51/49 Cotton/Poly

$ | S-3XL | 6 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MW451

TravisMathew TM1MW451

Auckland Blended Slub Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU412

TravisMathew TM1MU412

Oceanside Heather Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 8 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY404

TravisMathew TM1MY404

Oceanside Heather Pocket Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ343

TravisMathew TM1MZ343

Oceanside Heather Long Sleeve

$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY403

TravisMathew TM1MY403

4oz Oceanside Geo Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 2 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ344

TravisMathew TM1MZ344

4.7oz Sunsetters Pocket Tee

$$ | S-3XL | 5 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY401

TravisMathew TM1MY401

4.4oz Sunset Blocked Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY402

TravisMathew TM1MY402

4.4oz Coastal Chest Stripe

$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU410

TravisMathew TM1MU410

Coto Performance Polo

$ | S-3XL | 6 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU416

TravisMathew TM1MU416

Cabana Chest Stripe Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 2 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU414

TravisMathew TM1MU414

Oceanside Blocked Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MW450

TravisMathew TM1MW450

4.6oz Cotton/Poly Monterey

$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY400

TravisMathew TM1MY400

4oz Coto Stripe Poly Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY399

TravisMathew TM1MY399

4.4oz Bayfront Solid Polo

$$ | S-3XL | 4 Colors

top sweatpant picks

TravisMathew Sweatshirts, Full Zips and Outerwear

The perfect layering piece for your wardrobe. These high quality, soft fabrications will keep you stylish and comfortable.

Travis Mathew TM1MW452

TravisMathew TM1MW452

4.6oz Crestview 1/4 Zip

S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU420

TravisMathew TM1MU420

Newport Full-Zip Fleece

S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU419

TravisMathew TM1MU419

Newport 1/4-Zip Fleece

S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MU422

TravisMathew TM1MU422

Surfside Full-Zip Jacket

S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MW453

TravisMathew TM1MW453

Light Cold Bay Puffer Vest

S-3XL | 2 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MY397

TravisMathew TM1MY397

4.1oz Coto Performance 1/4Zip

S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ340

TravisMathew TM1MZ340

4.2oz Balboa Stripe 1/4Zip

S-3XL | 2 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ338

TravisMathew TM1MZ338

4.2oz Balboa Lightweight Jkt

S-3XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ339

TravisMathew TM1MZ339

6.5oz Coveside 1/4 zip

S-3XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1MZ337

TravisMathew TM1MZ337

6.5oz Coveside Hoodie

S-3XL | 3 Colors

travismathews shorts

TravisMathews Shorts

Complete your look with these shorts. Wrinkle resistant, quick-drying and stretchable fabric.

Travis Mathew TM1MW454

TravisMathew TM1MW454

El Dorado 9.5" Long Short

$$ | 30"-42" | 3 Colors

travismethews ladies products

TravisMathews Ladies & Womens Products

Designed to be a perfect, flatting fit for all women. Standard, retail fit sizing.

Travis Mathew TM1WW003

TravisMathew TM1WW001

4.6oz Oceanside Solid Polo

$ | S-2XL | 5 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WW004

TravisMathew TM1LD004

4.7oz Ladies Sunsetters Polo

$$ | S-2XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WX002

TravisMathew TM1WX002

4.1oz Coto Performance Polo

$ | S-2XL | 5 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WX001

TravisMathew TM1WX001

4.1oz Coto Sleeveless Polo

$ | S-2XL | 4 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WW003

TravisMathew TM1WW002

4.1oz Oceanside Heather Polo

$ | S-2XL | 5 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WW003

TravisMathew TM1WW003

4.6oz Crestview 1/4 Zip

$$ | S-2XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1WW003

TravisMathew TM1LD003

7.2oz Ladies Weekend Crew

$$ | S-2XL | 3 Colors

Travis Mathew TM1LD001

TravisMathew TM1LD001

7.2oz Ladies Weekend Crew

$$ | S-2XL | 3 Colors

Customizing TravisMathew Products

Not sure which method you want to use to customize your TravisMathew item? Here is a guide to help you choose:

screen printing on TravisMathew
Screen Printing

A perfect, lightweight customization method to ensure your TravisMathew polos stay as breathable as possible. Great for larger designs and sleeve prints. Low 6 piece minimum.

embroidery on TravisMathew

The most popular choice, embroidery adds that professional, high end touch that inks do not. Sew on left chest, upper back and sleeves. Free Digitizing.

patches on TravisMathews
Sewn Patches

Popular on hats, patches come in both leather and embroidery options. We will sew the patch to your item. Please allow 2 additonal weeks for turn-around times.

Fun Facts about the TravisMathew brand:

  • Designed by golfer Travis Johnson (Mathew is his middle name) TravisMathew custom embroidered apparel is designed to move with you. Both stylish and classy, custom TravisMathew apparel offers those extra touches golfer's love but is versatile enough to go from work to play.
  • With a smart blend of performance and innovative design, each TravisMathew designed product is crafted to achieve a perfect balance between functional comfort and superior style, making it the go-to brand in your closet.
  • Customized TravisMathew premium fabric blends provide style, performance, and comfort, while the technical fabrications are engineered to perform.
  • Athletes, celebrities, entertainers and people from every walks of life appreciate the TravisMathew brand for its style, comfort, and value. In fact, many of the items in our catalog can be seen on your favorite golf players Keegan Bradley and Will Gordan.
  • You'll love TravisMathew apparel embroidered or screen-printed with your logo, name, or design. Order your's today and be wearing this brand favorite next week.
travismathews in the online shirt design tool

Design & Customize TravisMathew Online Now!

  • All of our TravisMathew's products are available to be design online in our easy to use design tool.
  • Upload your company logo or create one! In our easy to use design tool, we have clipart, fonts and templates to choose from.
  • Once you have created your design, you can enter in your sizes to recieve an instant, wholesale priced quote with built in quantity based discounts.
  • With our wholesale prices, your TravisMathew polos and hats will often times be cheaper than you can buy the items blank in your favorite retail store.
  • Need help or have questions? Our customer service team is available live to answer your questions: Monday - Friday, 8AM to 6PM CST.

Frequently Asked Questions about TravisMathew

TravisMathew is actually referring to golfer TravisMathew Johnson, a former PGA Golfer. The name was concieved when he was at a bar and the bar tender said "Travis Matthew, that's cute". He knew at that moment that would be the name of his brand. He removed one T in Matthews so it was a little different than his actual name.

While it a line created by a golfer, for golfers, its so much more than just a golf brand. Its designs are created with lifestyle performance in mind. With TravisMathews, you get comfort, style and quality.

Started by Travis Johnson, it was such a success he sold it to Callaway Golf Company in late 2017 for 125.5 million.

We recommend embroidery on all hats, not just TravisMathews. It offers a higher end, more professional look.

Travis Mathew can be purchased in popular retail outlets such as Dick's Sport Goods, Golf Galazy and Nordstroms. You can also purchase it wholesale with your own custom logo embroidery or decoration here!

Yes! We are an official wholesale TravisMathew dealer. We do require all of our products are custom embroidered or screen printed before leaving our door. Often time, your custom embroidered Travis Mathews hats, jackets or polos are cheaper than you can buy them retail.