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Personalized Drawstring Bags

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Top Ten Uses for a Logo Cinch Bag!

Here’s why everyone on your list needs a customized cinch sack or two!

  1. Shopping bag. Be kind to the environment and use a cinch sack instead of a disposable bag. They are great for carrying everything from toiletries to T-shirts. Keep a cinch sack inside your glove compartment, purse and suitcase so you always a spare sack for the stuff you inevitably end up collecting.
  2. Gym bag. Pack a cinch sack with workout wear and you are more likely to stop at the gym or go for a run on your way to or from work.
  3. Spare shoes. Whether you are wearing stilettos or loafers, you never know when your feet will rebel. And if you’ve every stepped in a puddle, you know how nice it is to have a dry pair handy.
  4. Snack. Stuff a power bar, a water bottle, and a bag of nuts into your cinch bag so you always have a healthy option for eliminating hunger.
  5. Car organizer. Keep all those little necessities that are cluttering up your car inside a neat little cinch sack that hangs behind the headrest.
  6. Book bag. Cinch bags are lighter than most backpacks and easy to carry around campus.
  7. Biking. Sling a cinch sack over your shoulder so you’ll have both hands free to navigate your bike.
  8. Hiking. Lightweight handy cinch bags are great for hiking when you pack them with water bottles, snacks, sunglasses, Band-Aids, and a hoodie.
  9. Beach bag. Keep a cinch-packed with sunscreen, a beach towel, some shades and that book you’ve been meaning to read.
  10. Toy bag. Keep a cinch sack filled with inexpensive “surprises” you can hand out to your kids when you get stuck in a waiting room or traffic jam.