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Junior’s Sized T-Shirts

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Junior T-Shirt Sizing Information

If you have ever wandered what is the difference between junior T-shirt sizing and ladies T-shirt sizing, we have the answer. Junior’s T-shirt sizes are usually cut a little straighter and narrower than misses T-shirt sizes. Note that each manufacturer uses different patterns for every style of T-shirt they sell, so the cut can vary between styles.

Junior T-Shirt Manufacturer Description Clues

Junior-size T-shirts come in a variety of different styles. If the description contains the words “flowy” or “boyfriend”, expect a looser fit. Junior T-shirts that are marked “fitted” or “athletic cut” typically fit more snugly against your body. Need more help? Our staff knows a lot about brands and fit. Feel free to call and ask our experts which T-shirt will best meet your needs, or read on!

Junior T-shirt General Sizing Guides

  • As a general guideline, junior T-shirts are typically marked in odd numbers and are sized as follows:
    • A junior’s small (S) T-shirt typically fits sizes 3 to 5, chest 34 and waist 27
    • A juniors medium (M) T-shirt typically fits 7 to 9, chest 36 and waist 27.5
    • A juniors large (L) T-shirt fits sizes 11 to 13, chest 38 and waist 28
  • Misses T-shirt sizes, by comparison, come in even numbers and are typically sized as follows:
    • A misses extra small (XS) T-shirt fits 4 to 6, chest 35 and waist 26
    • A misses small (S) T-sshirt fits 6 to 8, chest 36 and waist 27
    • A misses medium (M) T-shirt fits 8 to 10, chest 38 and waist 29
    • A misses large (L) T-shirt fits 10 to 12, chest 40 and waist 31
    • A misses extra large (XL) T-shirt fits 12 to 14, chest 42 and waist 33
    • A misses XX large (2XL) T-shirt fits 16 to 18, chest 45 and waist 36
    • A misses XXX large (3XL) T-shirt fits 18-20, chest 47 and waist 38

Sizing Charts for Individual T-Shirts

To ensure a perfect fit for a specific custom T-shirt, check the items individual sizing chart. To see the chart, scroll over your chosen item’s photo and click on “get quote.” When the next screen comes up, look below the enlarged photo of your T-shirt on the left hand size of your screen, and you’ll see the manufacturer’s description of the chosen item. For specific sizing information, click on the “size chart.”