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Custom T Shirt Design Help: 5 MUST-SEE Tips for Ordering Custom T-Shirts!

Custom T shirts are great for co-workers, friends, events, and customers! Before you finalize your design and place your order, here are five custom T shirt design tips that can save you both time and money!

1. Who will be designing your custom T-shirt?

Broken Arrow’s online designer is super easy to use. You can upload existing artwork in seconds or create something new using our free online design templates.

• If YOU are not a creative type, don’t worry. WE ARE!  And unlike at most other custom T-Shirt printers, at Broken Arrow, art design services are FREE!! Broken Arrow’s on-staff graphic designers are highly experienced, super creative, and happy to help you design a T-shirt. We can take a simple sketch and turn it into a design that will make you proud. Check out this custom t-shirt design Before and After!

• If you’d like your design reviewed to see if an artist can tweak it a little bit to make it clearer or print better or cheaper, we can do that for free, too.

2. What are the key elements of a custom T-shirt’s graphic design?

When it comes to a great custom T-shirt graphic design, keep these things in mind:

• The fewer the colors you use on your custom T-shirt design, the cheaper the printing will cost. To save money, consider using half-tones of white, for example, instead of both white and gray ink.

• The more attractive and comfortable your shirt is, the more often people will want to wear it.

3. What are the custom T-shirts for?

That may sound like a silly question, but the answer can have a big impact on your custom T shirt design and the price of T-shirt you choose. For example:

• If you are buying T-shirts for the staff of your brewery to wear, you’ll want your custom T-shirts to be comfortable enough to wear every day, to disguise spills, and to be shrink and stain resistant. These super soft and comfy triblend t-shirts would be an excellent choice. You’ll also want your logo art to be eye-catching enough for your customers to easily read and remember—and that they will want to wear themselves. Customers make great marketers!

• If you are buying custom T-shirts for people to wear during a 5K, bike ride or any athletic event, you’ll want performance t-shirts that don’t restrict movement and are moisture wicking. You’ll also want a very visible logo on the back and front, so participants stand out and so your event is very visibly marketed.

• If you are buying custom T-shirts for volunteers handing out flyers, you’ll want a custom T-shirt design that commands attention. Think bright colors, big call-to-action words on the front and back, and, if they are only going to be worn only a few times, a cheap price point. These 100-percent cotton tees would fit the bill.

4. How many custom T-shirts do you need?

No matter how many shirts you need, Broken Arrow T-Shirt printing can help.

• We offer lots of options with no minimum order quantity. Quantity discounts are typically available for orders of six or more—the more you order the cheaper each shirt you buy becomes.

• In some cases, ordering 20 shirts may not cost any more than ordering 18, so be sure to ask your custom order specialist (800-810-4692) about quantity discounts or change the number of T-shirts you are considering ordering on our online T-shirt designer to see how the new quantity affects the price.

5. How will the shirts be delivered?

At Broken Arrow, we offer multiple delivery options.

• You can have your custom shirts all sent to one location for free or we can deliver them individually for you for an added fee.

• If you’ll be handing out T-shirts at a large event, you can save time by having your custom shirts organized into sizes. If you have ordered custom shirts for individuals, organizing them alphabetically can speed up the handout process.

• Need help deciding which brand or style of T-shirt is best for your order? Take our Which T-shirt is Right for You? quiz.

Author: Amber Barz

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