Funny and Clever Team Name Ideas 2020

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Updated 05/28/2020

Funny and Clever Team Name Ideas

Need funny, clever, memorable team name ideas for your zoom gang, work team, running club, bike, basketball, softball, baseball, bowling, volleyball, fantasy, golf or trivia team? Here are funny team name ideas to help get your creativity flowing. 

Funny Trivia Team Names

No Folk And Chance

Know it Ales

Trivial Matters 

Tequila Mocking Bird

My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem

Quiz it! You’re Bothering Me

I Thought This Was Speed Dating?!

Periodic Table Dancers

Let’s Get Quizzical

Spooning Leads to Forking

We Tri Harder

Simple Minds

Menace To Sobriety


Funny Baseball and Softball Team Names

Pitches Be Crazy

Bat Attitudes

One Hit Wonders

I Be Pro Fun

Sons of Pitches

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Why This?

Earth, Wind, and Higher

Chicks with Sticks

Funny Basketball Team Names

The First Dance

The Last Chance

Chicks Dig Air Balls

Slop Counts

Stop, Talk and Smack

Alley OOOOOPs!

Three the Hard Way

Hoops, We Did it Again

Those White Guys on the Bench



Lebron Baptist Church

Michael Jordan’s Flu Game

Air Farce

Ballers For Life, Oxygen Tanks Optional

Funny Volleyball Team Names

Sets on the Beach

Hits for Brains

Volley Folly

Volley Llamas

Pop Up Blockers

Block Party

3 Spikes and Your Out!

Some Spike it Hot

Ball Whisperers

Net Results

Kiss My Ace

Caution: Spikes Everywhere

Bump, Set, Hide

We’re Taller Than We Look

Funny Running Club, 5K and Half Marathon Team Names

Not Fast, Just Furious

Run Like the Winded

Toenails are overrated

Drinkers with a Running Problem

We thought they said RUM!

Worst Pace Scenario

We Saved the Best for Last

We thought this was a 5K?!?!

Worst Game of Tag Ever

My Mom Thinks I’m Fast

Agony of DeFeet

Distance Matters

Easier Said then Run

Tat Racers

Rat Racers

Funny Team Names for Work 

We Overslept

Team Team

The Young and The Rest of Us

10 Geniuses and 2 Idiots

If it Works, it was Our Idea

Weakened Warriors

Cool Name Pending

The C Team

So Not Cool

Paper or Plastic?

Bye Week

Dynamic Developers

Caffeine Crazies

The Brainiacs

Three Marketeers and Management




Fixit, Fixit Good

Bossy Pants

Marketing Maniacs

Follow the Leaders

Who’s the Boss?

You Hired Me?

Funny Team Names for Women

Wonder Women


Pokey Moms

Hot Chicks and Tough Old Birds (Don’t guess wrong)

You Just Lost to a Girl


Sole Sisters

Get Ovary It


Funny Bike Team Names

Spin Doctors

Tour Be Here

Your Pace or Mine?

Weapons of Ass Destruction

Breaking Wind

Aint Got Breaks

Kicking Asphault

My Mom Thinks I’m Fast

Not Fast, Just Furious

Road Rascals

We Saved the Best for Last

Funny Golf Team Names

This Putts For You

Dimpled Balls

We Got Balls

Tee Hee

Mull Again and Again

Strokes of Genius

Under Par

Par for the Course

Hole in Nones

Fore Players

Mulligans Island

Weapons of Grass Destruction

Natural Hazards

The Caddies

Putter Face

Funny Bowling Team Names

Elbow Benders

Split Happens

Gutter Talk

Pin Power

Pocket Pounders

Ball Busters

Strikes and Struts

Spare No Expense

Spare Parts

Holy Rollers

We Like Strikes

Spare Me

How to Choose A Clever Team Name

Not seeing a name you love? Try brainstorming team name ideas with your friends and team members. When evaluating team names together, ask these questions:

• Does the name describe your team? Or does the name describe the exact opposite of your team? Either way, it can help others remember your team’s name.

• Does the name make you smile? If so, chances are it will make others smile, too. And spreading smiles is an awesome way to be remembered.

• Will the name be easy to read on a T-shirt back and front? If your team name is difficult to read, most people will miss your clever message. 

• Is the name G-rated? Your team name will likely show up somewhere on a roster, tournament schedule, league schedule, results website, or social media posting, so make sure its publishable.

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