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Custom Tri-Blend T-Shirts for Men & Women

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Customizable Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirts

Custom Ladies/Womens Tri-Blend T-Shirts & V-Necks

Tri-Blend Hoodies, 3/4 Sleeve & More!

Tri-blend T-Shirts Vs Cotton T-Shirts

To figure out which fabric is right for your needs, you've got to know what you're dealing with. Tri-Blends are a combonationo of the below fabrics where as cotton t-shirts only offer the benefits of cotton. See if the Polyester and Rayon fabrics sounds like something you're looking for and that will help you determine the right fabric for your cusotm t-shirts.

  • Benefits of Cotton - Cotton is considered the most breathable fabric in the world, which means that cotton wears cooler than say a polyester t-shirt. It is also one of the cheapest.
  • Benefits of Polyester - Polyester is known for its moisture wicking properties. Want your shirt to stay dry instead of getting wet like cotton? Thats what poly is great for.
  • Benefits of Rayon - In recent years, Rayon has become konw as one of the softest fabrics on the market. This synthetic fiber will add a super soft touch that cotton or poly cant offer.
  • Triblend T-Shirts in a Nutshell - Tri-Blend t-shirts offer the best of all three fabrics. A little breathability, a little moisture wicking and a lot of softness. Whats the downside? Tri-blends may not be the cheapest, but we think you'll find they are worth it.

A tri-blend t-shirt or garment uses fabric that is typically made up of a portion of cotton, polyester and rayon, although that is not always true. Tri just means three and blend just means a mix of materials so the tri blend could consist of another mix of three fabric types. American Apparel made tri-blends famous with the launch of the American Apparel TR401 with other manufacturers shortly following suit due to the softness and amazing wear. Tri-blends are considered a trendy more fashion oriented product which also typically carry a little bit higher of a price tag. Tri-blend t-shirt printing has really become popular in the last 5 years with projections that the wholesale triblend offerings will continue to grow.

Why Triblends are Awesome!

  • The Softest T-Shirt on the Market Enough said! We have never met anyone that says "I do not want a soft feeling t-shirt!"
  • They Offer More StretchDue to the fabric make up of a tri blend (cotton, rayon and polyester), they are typically going to offer a little bit more stretch than a basic cotton tee. This makes them more form fitting and more flattering.
  • Vintage Look & FeelSuper soft shirts are usually because they have been washed a ton, but you can pull a brand new triblend shirt right out of the box and get that same vintage look and feel.
  • Comfortable Fabric Makeup A combo of cotton/poly/rayon gives you a little breathability of cotton, stay dri technology of polyester and softeness of rayon. What more do you need?

Offering the Most Popular Tri-Blend T-Shirts on the Market

A few years back, tri-blend t-shirts and American Apparel were synonymous. Fast forward to today and there are tons of tri-blend options from basic brands such as Anvil and Hanes to more popular high quality retail brands such as Bella + Canvas, Next Level and Alternative Apparel. Canvas tri-blend t-shirts are one of the industry favorites and certainly one of the most popular. Not all tri-blends are created equal just like not all 100% cotton t-shirts are the same. Next Level tri-blends are also one of the softest! Other brands include District Made, Threadless, Jerzee and so many more. Contact your representative today and we can help you pick out the best tri blend for your budget and nee