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Tri-Blend Shirt Selections

tri blend t-shirts

What is a tri-blend?

A tri-blend t-shirt or garment uses fabric that is typically made up of a portion of cotton, polyester and rayon, although that is not always true. Tri just means three and blend just means a mix of materials so the tri blend could consist of another mix of three fabric types. American Apparel made tri-blends famous with the launch of the American Apparel TR401 with other manufacturers shortly following suit due to the softness and amazing wear. Tri-blends are considered a trendy more fashion oriented product which also typically carry a little bit higher of a price tag. Tri-blend t-shirt printing has really become popular in the last 5 years with projections that the wholesale triblend offerings will continue to grow.

Why TriBlends are Awesome

Many people prefer cotton/poly blends for custom t-shirts because it gives them the best of both worlds! Read more about the benefits of these shirts below.

  • The Softest T-Shirt on the Market – Enough said! We’ve never met anyone that says “nahh….I don’t want a soft feeling t-shirt!”
  • They Offer More Stretch – Due to the fabric make up of a tri blend, they are typically going to offer a little bit more stretch than a basic cotton tee. This makes them more form fitting and more flattering.
  • Vintage Look & Feel – super soft shirts are usually because they’ve been washed a ton, but you can pull a brand new triblend shirt right out of the box and get that same vintage look and feel.
  • Comfortable Fabric Makeup – A combo of cotton/poly/rayon gives you a little breathability of cotton, stay dri technology of polyester and strength of rayon…what more do you need?