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Silk Screen Printing is a Great Option for Custom Apparel

Silk screen printing is a fantastic option for customized t-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and more! With silk screen printing, you can use tons of vibrant ink colors for a long lasting print on your customized apparel. The whole process begins with a design. You can use a logo or design if you have one, or let our team of in-house artists create a customized design just for your order. Either way, you'll get an online proof to review and approve before the order is produced. The online proof confirms the ink colors, dimensions, and placement so you can be sure everything is 100% perfect! After you approve the online proof, your order is complete within 4 business days and ships the following business day.

Our Process for Silk Screen Printing

On the production side of things, silk screen printing is a very specific process and requires multiple steps. The approved design is turned into a positive, and that is used to burn the screen that is loaded onto a manual or automatic screen printing press. A different screen is burned for each ink color in the design. The ink is loaded on to the screens, and the shirts are loaded onto pallets and the printing can begin. The shirts rotate around the stations, with the ink being pushed through the screen at each stop. Once the shirt has made it around the press and received all of the ink colors it needs, it is carefully pulled off the pallet and goes through a huge professional dryer which cures the ink. It is very important that the dryer is set to the correct temperature to cure the ink so it doesn't wash off or fade, and not too hot that it burns the shirts. At the end of the dryer, the shirts are reviewed by our quality control department to ensure that the print looks perfect and there are no defects with the print or the garment itself. Once the items pass quality control, they are boxed up and ready for the customer!

Take Silk Screen Printing to the Next Level!

Silk screen printing has tons of awesome specialty options and can go well beyond your basic t-shirt with a simple print. Broken Arrow is a leader in cutting edge screen printing, including options for specialty inks and print locations. Specialty inks are a great way to jazz up your design. Some of our most popular options include glow in the dark, high density, puff ink, glitters and shimmers, and textures like cork and suede. Specialty print locations include such things as over seams, on the side, over zipper printing, and even all over printing which can span the entire length and width of the shirt.

High Quality Silk Screening You Can Count On

With over 25 years of experience in silk screen printing, Broken Arrow is an industry leader. Our team of experienced artists, printers, and production staff ensures that you will get a fantastic print, all at a great price and with a fast turnaround time. Check out our online catalog today to see tons of our most popular products, and you can get instant price quotes on custom silk screen printing. Have questions? We are here for you! Give us a call, or click on the Chat with us button at the bottom of the page. We look forward to working with you!