Cheap Screen Printing: Tips & Tricks to Maximize Budget

Is getting cheap screen printing t-shirts your goal? Just because you save money does not mean you have to have cheap low quality products. Check out our cheap t-shirt printing guide to really maximize your dollars spent to get the most affordable t-shirt screen printing possible. Use your savings to add more shirts to your order, buy your group pizza, or heck, anything you want! Many t-shirt organizers face the dilemma of choosing between quality and quantity. By making smart design and affordable garment choices, you don't have to. Now, you can have the quality and quantity you want at a sensible price. Broken Arrow offers affordable screen print pricing with great discounts printing prices built into our screen printing pricing structure for bulk quantity purchases.

Tip 1: Brand Matters! Choose a Shirt that works with your Budget.

The brand makes quite a difference on the price of your cheap t-shirt printing order. Are you using these for a community garden volunteer shirt or are they being sold at a concert? If you are truly needing the cheapest screen printing thing you can possibly get, stick to the most basic cotton t-shirt on the market such as Fruit of the Loom & Gildan. If you want something a little bit more trendy to sell at a rock concert, you might want to splurge a little bit and get the Bella + Canvas or American Apparel screen printed. Will you be able to make a good return on you investment if you are reselling? American Apparel screen printing may be able to command $5.00 more per shirt, so in that case, it would be worth it. We've got a great team that is ready to assist you in finding the best valued shirt on the market for your custom screen printing project.

Tip 2: Change is Good! Reduce the number of colors in your design.

reduce colors reduce price

Getting cheap screen printing doesn't have to be hard or crappy in quality. Changing your design from a multi-color print to a single color to make your t-shirt prints more affordable. You don't always have to reduce the detail of your design when you remove colors but can lower your screen printing cost significantly. Our artwork team are specialty trained in getting your design to work with whatever number of colors are within your budget. Make the t-shirt color work for you and use that in your design to create the illusion of a 2 color design on a 1 color screen print cost. Broken Arrow artists also can use half tones that trick the eye into thinking there are more colors on the design. Check out the one color example above. It looks like there are multiple shades of blue, but we are only printing one! The cheapest screen printing is within reach even when it does not seem that way. Let us help you transform your design and create a discount t-shirt print so you can get more affordable screen printing. Keep in mind the more print locations you have on your garments, the higher your cost will be so the lower your discount is. Stick with a 1 location print for the cheapest custom screen print possible.

Tip 3: Increase your Quantity! Built in price breaks save you money.

bulk discounts wholesale prices

The more you buy, the more you save! You can get cheapest screen printing by increasing your quantity by sometimes just a few garments. Affordable t-shirt printing doesn't always have to mean going from 12 to 100. Instead of ordering 8, order 12. Instead of 72 bump to 100. Broken Arrow offers bulk built in discount t-shirt printing quantity based pricing on all cheap screen printing and embroidery orders. Cheap t-shirt screen prints coupled with our already wholesale garment pricing will make you have the most affordable custom t-shirts possible. With our over 25 years in business, we've mastered the most efficient way to deliver to you the best possible quality products with the lowest possible pricing. What’s even better than that? Our services are fast with a standard turn-around time of just 4 business days and free shipping. You won’t be caught paying rush fees here! Can it get any more affordable than that? We don't think so! Call our team today so we can help you maximize your budget and get the cheapest screen printing possible.

More Tips & Tricks on Cheap Custom Screen Prints

Don't Sacrifice Quality - Don't assume that cheap t-shirt screen printing means a discount in quality. If you look for the right provider, you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your order to get the price that makes the most sense for your business. You may be surprised to find printers who can provide you with superior merchandise without making a big dent in the company budget. We can offer quality because we’ve got over 25 years’ experience in how to do it super-efficient thus passing the savings right down to you to get cheap screen printing.

Consider what Print Locations You Need – As mentioned above the cheapest t-shirt printing option is a 1 color print on one location of the garment, meaning a front only. However, consider what the value of adding that second location is against the cost. Are you going to be talking to the customer at a booth? Maybe you don't need the back. Are you going to be painting the exterior of a houses? Adding a back print could add significant marketing value to your business. The added cost of another t-shirt printing location might be worth it.

Plan Ahead – Are you having a hard time figuring out how to increase your quantity from 12 to 24? Think about what your needs might be next month or even next season. It might be hot and humid today, but what will you wear when it's cold and gloomy? You can often times add long sleeves, hoodies and other garments to your order to increase your quantity resulting in a cheaper overall price per garment Don't order 12 today and 12 next month, order 24 today!

Don't let price determine your decisions – All in all, the best piece of advice we can give you is that price should not be the only factor in determining your cheap screen printing project. If you really love American Apparel screen printing, it might not be with the savings to go with something cheaper. If you need a heavy sweatshirt, don't pick a light weight just because it appears more affordable. Making bad decisions today could result in you spending more money tomorrow to get what you actually want. Imagine what the difference for your team is of choosing cheap t-shirt printing because of cost or best of value.

Let us help you - Our team is here to help you with whatever your needs are. We can discuss options and come up with the cheapest t-shirt print options possible that will work with your budget and also your needs. Our product experts can help you find the BEST value in the industry. We can offer suggestions, substitutions and cheaper brands that don't require you to sacrifice quality but allow you to still get cheap screen printing. Leave the cheap t-shirt printing up to us, and we are certain you will love your finished affordable screen printing product.