Custom Business Apparel: Business Casual Dress Codes


Are your employees missing the mark on your company’s business casual dress code? Or, as an employee, are you uncertain about what you business casual truly means? If so, you are not alone. Studies show that four in ten employees (41 percent) are unsure about whether what they are considering wearing is office appropriate. 

The two biggest complaints companies make about employees following their dress code are:

  1. Employees dress too casually (47 percent).
  2. Employees show too much skin (32 percent).

The easiest way to solve the problem is to choose custom embroidered business apparel. Provide your employees a set of corporate casual clothing options they can wear that display your logo and that follow your guidelines. In addition to custom embroidered polo shirts, appropriate custom business apparel options include custom embroidered sweaters and shrugs, custom embroidered dress shirts, and custom embroidered jackets.  

Pair these available custom business apparel options with simple-to-follow dress guidelines. Here is an example that most companies find appropriate. Feel free to link this blog to your website to help employees understand your dress code:

Our Company Business Casual Dress Code Guidelines:

• Custom Embroidered Shirts

You may choose any of the custom business apparel options shown in our company store, including company logo T-shirts, custom embroidered sweaters, custom embroidered dress shirts, and custom embroidered jackets. (Note: if you don’t currently have a custom company apparel store, call our apparel experts at 800-810-4692 and ask them to set up a store for you for free.)

• Business Appropriate Pants and Skirts

You may pair any of the custom business apparel items shown in our company store with slacks, pants, suit pants, or capris. You may also wear colored jeans, but blue jeans are only appropriate on casual Fridays. Skirts are acceptable if they are no shorter than 2 inches above the knee.

• What Not To Wear

Do not wear clothing items displaying offensive words, terms, or pictures. Do not wear shirts with spaghetti straps or that show cleavage or midriff. Do not wear shorts.

• When You’re Not Sure

If you are uncertain about a clothing item, choose not to wear it until you ask your supervisor or human resources representative whether it follows company policy.

Author: Amber Barz

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