2020 Custom Athleisure Wear Trends


Athleisure wear is the art of wearing cute, comfy “workout” clothes out into the real world as everyday casual wear. Thanks to the growing athleisure fashion trend, in 2020 you’ll see more T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, yoga pants, and leggings get an athleisure fashion update with cool custom embroidered or screen-printed graphics. The 2020 athleisure apparel trend also includes new colors and long lasting, easy care fabrics that are both soft and breathable.

Here is a list of some of the most popular athleisure clothing items for 2020:

Tri-blend lightweight hoodies

Tri-blend is a fabric made up of three different materials, typically cotton, polyester, and rayon. Tri-blend fabrics feel super soft and offer a little bit of stretch, whether you’re reaching for something on the top shelf or stretching into your favorite yoga pose. They are incredibly comfortable and create a flattering silhouette, so more and more people are choosing a tri-blend fabric hoodie as their favorite hoodie choice. 2020 color hoodies color trends include sea inspired blue-greens, deep coral reds, and marine blues. Classics like heathered grays and blacks are also spot on trend.

Cool and Dry Performance T-shirts and Tanks

Moisture wicking and UV sun protection are two key features of these 100 percent polyester t-shirts and tanks. Choose these custom logo tees in both sleeveless, short sleeve, and long sleeve styles for all your weekend adventures, including hiking and biking or shopping and then binge-watching Netflix. 2020 color trends for T-shirts include saffron yellows, sea inspired blue-greens, deep coral reds, and marine blues.

Leggings or Joggers

These comfy pants are a must-have for weekend wear, whether you’re working out or not.  Leggings and joggers stretch every direction you do and they are ideal for showing off your favorite kicks. Joggers and leggings in dark shades are still at the top of the style list including black, charcoal gray and navy. Prefer a little more color and a lot more legroom? Opt for plaid flannel pajama pants.

Sherpa, Fleece, or Puffy Vests

A custom decorated vest looks great when paired with long sleeve shirt and is the perfect addition to any leisure wear outfit. Did you know that vests keep you warm on even cold days? Here’s how: When your core temperature starts to drop, your body reduces blood flow to your extremities, increasing blood flow to your core to better protect your organs. By keeping your core insulated and warm, blood flow remains constant to your extremities, keeping them warmer! That is why often a long sleeve tri-blend hoodie paired with a good vest (and the right gloves, hats and pants) is just enough to keep you warm when you are out and active in cool weather. And a vest doesn’t inhibit movement like a heavy coat can do! Vest colors for 2020 include bright white, cream, mocha, gray, black, and navy, as well as blocked or banded colors in any of these combinations. Feeling daring? Go for a plaid vest.

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Author: Amber Barz

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