Custom 5K Race and Running Shirts


Are you creating custom 5K Race Shirts for your team or event? Here’s how to create cool and comfortable custom running shirts that every 5K team member will love.

• Choose a custom t-shirt designed for running. Several manufacturers make T-Shirts that are designed for running and working out. Each has a different catchy name: Performance, Endurance, Dri-Fit, All-Sport, Cool-Dry, Double Dry, Dry Zone, and more.  All are made from moisture wicking 100-percent polyester or a polyester-blend fabric that will help you stay dry and comfortable (no chafing!) as you run. Bonus: Polyester performance tees are also wrinkle- and shrink resistant.

• What makes polyester so great for running? In the not-so-distant past, polyester was woven so tight (think double-knit) that it held the moisture in and made you sweat. Today’s polyester is woven into a high-tech pattern that forces moisture through gaps in the weave and up to the material’s outer shell, where it evaporates much faster. Plus, polyester holds only a small amount of moisture, .4 percent, compared to cotton, which can hold up to 7 percent.

• What’s the weather typically like on race day? If you are running in a cool climate, opt for long sleeve race shirts. If you will be running on a hot day, consider bro-tanks or racer-back tanks. If the weather is highly unpredictable, consider layering a matching custom full-zip moisture wicking hoodie over your race tee or tank.

• Size matters. Is your team all men, all women, all kids, or a mix? Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery offers T-shirts in women’s, men’s, children’s and unisex sizes. Several t-shirts are available in all 4 sizing options and some go up to XXXXL plus tall sizes. To ensure maximum comfort for everyone, collect race participant sizes before placing your order, and, if possible, order a few extra custom decorated shirts for late entrants.

• Create a memorable T-shirt design. Once you’ve picked out the perfect shirts, you’ll want to choose a shirt color that will complement the logo or design you want to add. The color of your T-shirt and the color of your design should contrast enough so that someone across the street can clearly tell what’s on the shirt. Your design should sum up your group’s passion for the event and grab the attention of other race participants and race fans. Brainstorm ideas with your team. Is there a word that describes your team—dedicated, fierce, hopeful, oddballs?—or an image that conveys what you stand for—flag, hearts, bear, beer mug? If you need more help coming up with a name check out this blog: funny and clever team name ideas.

• Print the team name on the back and front of the shirt. You’ll want a very readable and visible logo on both the back and front so your team is marketed from every angle.

• Wear and share! Encourage every 5K-race participant to wear his or her custom running shirt on race day. Have a couple extra custom decorated race shirts on hand, in case someone forgets to bring theirs. Take plenty of photos of your entire team before and after the race and share, share, and share the photos on your group’s social media pages and individually. It’s a cheap and easy way to market your event and gather additional donations and future participants. We are also happy to share your team photos on our Broken Arrow T-Shirt Printing and Embroidery Facebook Page.

Author: Amber Barz

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